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How to Write Marketing Assignment

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Marketing is one of the crucial subjects in the study of Business Administration. And it is also one of the important processes in a business. Without marketing, any business can come to a halt. It’s a strategic and creative process as the department is given the opportunity and freedom to explore paths taken by none. The main objective of marketing is not selling a product or a service, but sustaining and serving the existing markets and creating new markets. It’s the process where the customers’ needs are “The Commandments”. And the marketer has to abide by these rules. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of any marketer.
And in order to become good marketers, first thing we should understand is the Customers’ satisfaction. It is at the core of any business, the very purpose of a business and the rest of the things that the marketers do are ancillary to the core, complementing it.

Tips on How to Write Marketing Assignment

The main thing that we’ll discuss is about writing a good marketing assignment. A good marketing assignment should contain, firstly about a page or two written about the topic which is being discussed. Do not try to copy it from a book or from the internet, just write what you know about the topic. Say for example if the assignment is about Pricing Strategy or Market Segmentation, first begin the topic with the introduction and give definitions of famous authors. Two or three definitions would be better. Then explain the topic in your own words. Don’t just copy from the internet as they can be easily found. Make sure that what you write is unique. Explain the topic in detail and use professional words.

The second thing is about a case study. Even for this part don’t rely on other sources but rely on yourself. The first thing to do is to choose a product. Here, one product can be chosen by two or more people, but make sure that you don’t end up writing the same thing as that amounts to cheating. Or to be on the safe side choose a product chosen by none in your class. Next, is to go to a store near you and find out what are the average sales of that particular product and relate them to other similar products in terms of sales, the discounts offered, the schemes offered, the order time for that particular product and in comparison to rival products. Do a little customer survey like household questionnaires, etc. Also, try to know the details about customer satisfaction as well. As it is also one of the main parameters of a product’s popularity. If you have any doubts or queries you can always take your Professor’s help and refer your text for the sample case studies and go ahead with your case study.

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Don’t complicate the work with unnecessary data. It will confuse you in the first place and your Professor later on. So, be a little careful about unnecessary data and details. Take the data which is relevant to you, even if it is a very small piece of information.

And lastly, please don’t forget to conclude your studies. And also conclude the topic as a whole. No matter how good you begin something without ending it in a proper manner with those correct protocols, it yields nothing. So, conclude your case study with what you’ve found in it. Be it a small detail like the impact of sales due to a change in the package or a change in the price, etc in your particular locality. These details though look small and humble carry a good amount of information with them in terms of the attention to detail that you have taken painstakingly.

So, don’t worry about your assignments. Give your best shot at them. They might seem like Herculean tasks at the beginning, but as you progress you’ll like the way things go around in the market.

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