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FINC 460 course is a discussion and analysis of financial management issues for multinational enterprises. The aim of the course is to use economic and financial strategies in quantitative decision-making. This course includes topics like organization and functions of the foreign exchange market and international capital markets; financing foreign trade and identifying, evaluating, and analyzing the globalization strategies of the multinational enterprise.

What is International Finance?

International Finance is a vital part of financial economics. It discusses the issues related to the monetary interactions of at least two or more countries. It is concerned with subjects such as the monetary systems of the world, exchange rates of currencies, foreign direct investment (FDI), and other important issues associated with international financial management.

Like international business and trade, international finance exists due to the fact that the economic activities of governments, businesses, and organizations get affected by the existence of nations. It’s a well-known fact that countries often borrow and lend from each other. In the case of such trades, many countries use their own currencies. So, we must understand how the currencies compare with each other. Also, we should have a good understanding of how these goods are paid for and what is the determining factor of the prices that the currencies trade at.

Some of the notable international finance organizations are The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

Importance of International Finance

International finance plays an important role in international trade and the inter-economy exchange of goods and services. It is vital for a number of reasons, the most notable ones are listed below:

  • It’s an important tool to compare inflation rates, find the exchange rates, getting an idea about investing in international debt securities, ascertaining the economic status of other countries, and judging the foreign markets.
  • Exchange rates are so important in international finance because they let us determine the relative values of currencies. It helps in calculating these rates.
  • Various economic factors help in determining whether or not investors’ money is safe with foreign debt securities.
  • IFRS plays an important role in many stages of international finance like helping many countries to follow similar reporting systems that adopted a similar IFRS system.
  • Due to globalization, it has grown in stature and helps in understanding the basics of all international organizations and keeps the balance intact among them.
  • Without a solid financial measure, all the nations would work for their self-interest. Having an international finance system helps in maintaining peace among nations.

The very existence of an international financial system denotes that there are possibilities of international financial crises. That is the point where international finance becomes very important. To understand international financial crises, we have to understand the nature of the international financial system.

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