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Information Technology is the study of the application of computers, software and telecommunications in various fields. The subject is of particular importance at present because of the fact that today, everything in our lives ranging from the services at a grocery’s store to our bank accounts and the way we communicate with people over long distances and every other thing that we can think of is only possible because of information technology and the revolution that it has brought into our lives. Right now, information technology is opening up new paradigms. In Information Technology, data storage (which includes databases), retrieval, manipulation, transmission, etc play a major role.

Data from numerous sources are grouped under various categories or formats for easy storage, retrieval, manipulation and analysis for obtaining information which is useful for various applications.

Popularly called IT, Information technology is one of the leading sectors that have wide-scope applications in the present world. In simple words, IT is about the use of hardware, software, services, and all other supporting systems for storing, conveying, manipulating, and retrieving data whenever required. HelpwithAssignment provides USA IT assignment help on every subject that is studied under this field.

IT is a broad field of study. To make students proficient in a single area, it is divided into different parts and each part is further divided into different groups. Some of these are:

Computer networking

Computer networking is very popular nowadays. This specialization opens several gateways for a bright future. Computer networking is nothing but designating a process in which many computers are connected together. Networking is done to share data or information. The main things required for networking are network cables, routers, distributors, and network cards. The connected computers can also share external resources like fax, printer, internet, etc.

IT Management

Most of the companies and organizations use technology for development. So proper maintenance is also required. IT management is the process of selecting, installing, and maintaining technologies. Students who pursue IT management need to study about proper utilization of technological resources in order to optimize business resources that can add value to the organization.

Network Security

As technology advances, there is also a threat to the network. Network security is providing security to the network. Network security is required to secure the usability of data and information. Knowledge of network security is needed to protect the network from hackers, computer viruses, data capture, etc.

Software Design and Development

Software design and development is a wide subject where students acquire knowledge on processes, tools, and technologies that promote the design and development of software. This includes programming, object modeling, web-based designing, Programming in JAVA, and other programming languages.

System Analysis

System analyst may work independently or with a team to design, modify, and examine different systems of a company. System analysis will help in sharpening the knowledge in investing the code, designing and developing systems, installing, testing, and maintaining.

Some of the topics covered under Information Technology include

  • Data and Information
  • Acquisition of Numbers, Textual Data, Image Data, Audio Data and Video Data
  • Data Storage and Organization
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Computer Software
  • Output Devices
  • Database Management Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Role of Telecommunications in IT
  • Internet and Its Basics
  • Structure of the World Wide Web
  • Some Internet Applications
  • Visual Information Analysis
  • IT for Multimedia Communication
  • Principles of Image Compression and Text Compression
  • Content-based Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval
  • Speech and Audio Compression
  • Optical Networking
  • Computer Security Threats and Countermeasures
  • Image Databases
  • Color Image Processing and Analysis
  • Information Processing from Document Images
  • Bioinformatics
  • IT in Healthcare and Telemedicine
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
  • IT for Rural Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Cybermediary
  • Business Information Systems
  • Industrial Information Technology
  • Societal Impacts of IT

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Information Technology Assignment Help and Information Technology Homework Help

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