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Are you struggling with your Biology Assignment? Are you a high school, college or graduate level student? Do you need Biology Homework Help or Biology Assignment Help?

You have spent hours working on your biology assignment but the quality and substance just doesn’t seem to be the way you want. Biology is a complex subject and requires quality smart work.  At HelpWithAssignment our Biology Assignment Help online expert will provide you the guidance that you need to understand your assignment and give you the right direction.

Biology Assignment Help

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HelpWithAssignment offers you the one-stop solution for the biology assignment help that you need. Our online Biology assignment experts will tutor you on a wide range of biology assignments including pre-lab write-ups, post-lab analysis. Our tutors will guide you not only in the field of general biology as well as specializations including Physiology, Botany, Anatomy, Zoology, Microbiology, Genetics and many more

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Biology assignment help


Biology is a natural science that studies living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. It is a broad and diverse field that encompasses a wide range of topics, from the smallest microorganisms to the largest animals and plants.

At its core, biology is concerned with understanding the fundamental principles and processes that govern life on Earth. This includes the study of genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, ecology, evolution, and biodiversity.

Biology has many practical applications in fields such as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, environmental science, and conservation. It is also a constantly evolving field, as new discoveries and technologies continue to expand our understanding of the living world.

Overall, biology is an incredibly important scientific discipline that provides us with the knowledge and tools to better understand and appreciate the complex and diverse world of living organisms around us.

Importance of Biology to Humans

Biology is important to humans in numerous ways. Some of the key ways in which biology impacts our daily lives are:

Medicine: Biology is essential to the development of modern medicine. The study of the human body and its processes, from genetics and biochemistry to physiology and anatomy, has led to advances in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

Agriculture: Biology is important to agriculture, as it helps us understand the processes of plant and animal growth, and the factors that influence crop yields and food production. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring food security and addressing global hunger.

Environmental Science: Biology is important to environmental science, as it helps us understand the complex interactions between living organisms and their environment. This knowledge is crucial for managing natural resources and protecting the environment.

Biotechnology: Biology is important to biotechnology, as it provides the foundation for the development of new technologies that can improve human health, enhance food production, and address environmental challenges.

Conservation: Biology is important to conservation efforts, as it helps us understand the biodiversity of the natural world and the factors that threaten it. This knowledge is crucial for developing strategies to protect endangered species and preserve ecosystems.

Overall, the study of biology provides us with a deeper understanding of the living world around us and its interconnectedness, and it provides the tools and knowledge to address some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today.

Background of Our Online Biology Assignment Help Experts:

HelpWithAssignment boasts of a team with expertise and experience in writing academic projects and assignments. Our team boasts of highly qualified scholars and academicians with relevant industry experience focused on helping students get a better understanding of their biology assignments.

  • With a Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Pathology from one of the top-ranking universities of Oregon, our lead biology assignment tutor is currently employed by the university as a lecturer in marine and aquatic botany. He has a keen research oriented style of writing the biology assignments making him an invaluable asset to our team of biology assignment experts
  • Our next online biology assignment expert has a master’s degree from Baltimore she is currently working with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. With her industry knowledge of biochemistry she is has helped many students by bridging the gap in the knowledge between the concept and what is being asked in the assignment
  • Pursuing her Ph.D. in microbiology from Sydney our next online biology assignment help expert has a career of extensive research in the field. This makes her the perfect fit for writing in depth and researched biology assignments on a wide variety of topics. 

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Comprehending and writing the assignments of biology require systematic coordination between a number of factors and without step-wise guidance can be often quite complex. This where our team of online biology assignments help experts comes in. We at HwA believe in providing students with detailed explanations, one-on-one assistance and detailed descriptions for your biology essay or biology thesis writing assignment.

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“Biology is such an exact subject that you need to be absolutely clear about the concepts before you sit down to write an assignment. When I moved to the US for my masters the professors wanted us to learn the subject by making us work more and more on our own. I was seriously getting stressed with all the hours I was spending on writing assignments without actually learning anything. Here HelpWithAssignment biology tutor helped me bridge the gap and now I am much more confident.”  –Barry Coutinho, Aug 2016

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Biology assignment help

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Learn Biology from our Ph.D. Level Assignment Experts

Biology is the science of life. It is the study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover anatomy, origin, behavior, physiology and distribution. Aspects of biological science can range from the study of molecular mechanisms in cells, to the classification and behavior of organisms. Biology can also be called the study of how species evolve and the interaction between different ecosystems.

Biology often overlaps with the other fields of science such as biochemistry and toxicology with biology, chemistry and medicine, biophysics and many others. Biology includes Botany and Zoology and all its subdivisions.

The study of biology is essential in understanding the intricate mechanisms that involve systematic coordination.

With our experts to back you, you are sure to receive straight As in all your Biology Assignments and Biology Homework.

Few articles written by our experts with Ph.D. and Masters in Biology :

Studying biology provides an answer regarding the immune system of the living body along with the functioning of every organ. It also answers the adaptation in plants or animal products.

Why is biology important?

The fundamental unit of life is a cell. The food we consume is converted into energy and this energy is a crucial element for our growth and survival. The evolution theory explains that we have transmitted attributes from our ancestors. All the important concepts of heredity like Genetics are fundamental and prove the existence of humans on earth. This is the concept that makes the study of biology relevant to humans.

Main theories of modern biology:

The Cell Theory: The Cell Theory was discovered by Robert Hook. The cell is the basic unit of life that arises from the already existing form. This theory involves the explanation of how cells work and function. The cell theory was a combined effort of three famous scientists Rudolph Virchow, Matthias Schleiden, and Theodor Schwann. The traditional concept of this theory focuses on the basic information about the cell, whereas, the modern concept explains the importance of DNA of a cell and its energy flow system. In general, the cell theory defines the structure, function, and working of various cells in a living body.

Evolution by Natural Selection: The first one among various scientists who worked on this theory is Charles Drawing. This theory focuses on providing the world with evidence proving the Evolution Theory of Natural Selection. The main concept of Evolution Theory by Natural Selection is based on the belief that species are produced in a large number and re further filtered based on their ability to survive environmental consequences and carry heritable traits, helping them for survival.

Gene Theory: George Mendel conducted this study regarding this theory on a pea plant which was the first perception of gene theory. This theory involved answers to questions regarding the transfer of traits from one generation to the other. The findings of George Mendel stated that gamete is the reason behind the transmission of characteristics. It concludes that Gene theory is proved as a unit of inheritance and several changes have been made in gene theory as the time passed. Many researchers are showing interest in working on genes, chromosomes, and DNA. Hence, new findings and results were made.

Homeostasis: It was introduced by cannon which means “internal body condition remains constant even if there is a change in the external environment”. This theory includes an in-depth study of the endocrine system and the nervous system of the brain. It consists of pressure, pH balance, electrolyte, and more.

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