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Education, particularly higher education is becoming so dearer day by day that can be very hard for aspiring students to get enrolled in good colleges and universities. And even those who manage to get admissions are those take educational loans. And in these hard situations, it can be further hard for students to afford costly tutoring sessions which can charge up to $50 per hour.

For such students, has come out with a solution. The solution is a Solution Library which is a repository of questions and solutions. Help With Assignment has been established with a view to provide affordable online tutoring to masses. And with this view, we have started Solution Library where one can find a huge number of solutions for almost free. Our affordable prices which start with 50 cents for a solution are ideal for students who are already burdened with educational loans.

As we know, marketing is one of the crucial subjects in Business Administration. It is crucial because it can help shape a company’s future in the form of revenues and also to establish the value of the business. Marketing is also considered as an important and practical subject in business administration because it not only helps in earning profits, but also established a business for the years to come. It helps in understanding what its customers want and how well to provide such a product or a service within the time frame and within the cost. This is the most basic work of any marketing department in any organization and sometimes, it is the hardest work to do.

Marketing can be considered as an ocean in itself. The subject has so many topics and sub-topics that it can sometimes overwhelm the student. Especially advanced marketing concepts such as 4 Ps of marketing, brand equity, pricing strategy, target market selection, product life cycle, business marketing, customer lifetime value, customer relationship management, service marketing, 7 Ps of service marketing, market segmentation, marketing orientation, integrated marketing communication, etc along with marketing case studies, marketing plan, business plan, etc.

These can be tricky topics in marketing that generally require some sort of supervision to understand them. At, we have a dedicated team of tutors who are themselves marketing professionals, who have gained their masters and doctoral degrees from Ivy League Universities and top ranking business schools in America and have the experience of working in Fortune 500 companies. Our tutors provide online marketing tutoring sessions as well as marketing assignment help and homework help for undergraduate, masters and doctoral students in marketing. Our services are offered 24/7 and at prices that are affordable by most students.

Free Marketing Assignment Help – Solution Library 

Recently, we have also started solution library service where one can find solutions in various subjects. In the subject of Marketing, questions on the above mentioned topics, marketing case studies, marketing plans and business plans, etc can be found. Many of our case studies in marketing are from Ivy League Universities and top ranking business schools such as Harvard Business School, Richard Ivey school of business, Cambridge University business school, etc. Our marketing plan and business plan questions are based on real and Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Samsung, Wal-Mart, Ford Motors, CostCo, Citigroup, Boeing, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Google, FedEx, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. These questions are mainly helpful for post-graduate or masters students who are required to study and report how companies formulate their plans. We also have concept based questions in marketing in the above mentioned topics, sub-topics and much more. These questions are generally related to the basic understanding of those topics.

The total number of questions in marketing alone is more than 1000. This means that we have short questions, long questions, multiple choice questions, essays, Powerpoint presentations, business plans, business reports, marketing plans, marketing reports and case studies, etc.

To visit our Marketing Solution Library directly, follow the link Still if you are not able to find the required question in our solution library, you can write to us at or visit our website at We can help you in preparing a solution for your question.

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