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Understanding The Australian Nursing Code of Ethics

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The Australian Code of Ethics for Nurses was dedicatedly created for the professional nurses and midwives operating in Australia. During your Australia nursing assignment, you need to apply these codes of ethics. The nursing codes of ethics are mostly applicable when you have to deal with a nursing case study for your nursing homework

Considering the fact that the nursing code of ethics encompasses a large area of the profession it is sometimes very challenging to remember and apply it appropriately. For any nursing student who is pursuing his/her undergraduate or postgraduate diploma, it is not always easy to remember all the codes. 

That is why, if you need any help with your Australia nursing homework then do not hesitate to contact us. Check out our Nursing Assignment Help page to know about the various nursing project help we provide. In the meantime, learn about the various aspects of Australian nursing code. 

All You Need to Know About Australian Nursing Code of Ethics

Broad Outline of the Australian Nursing Ethics 

  • Nurses are expected to value and provide quality nursing practices for all patients. 
  • Nurses are expected to show kindness and empathy towards the patients and also towards their colleagues (including other medical professionals). 
  • Nurses are expected to value diversity amongst people. 
  • Nurses are expected to value the concept of quality nursing and medical intervention for all people. 
  • Nurses are expected to value decision making based on information and logic. 
  • Nurses are expected to value and ensure safety in healthcare practice. 
  • Nurses are expected to treat patient and hospital information ethically and abide by the norms of confidentiality. 
  • Nurses are expected to promote ecologically and economically sustainable medical and healthcare practices. 

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Audiences of the Australian Nursing Code

It should be remembered that the code of ethics for nurses in Australia is not exclusively targeted at nurses. Interestingly enough the code of ethics encompasses a larger audience in the form of the nursing students, the patients receiving the care, the employers employing the nurses, the regulatory authorities, the nurses themselves, the consumer protection agency, and finally the community as a whole. So, the scope of this code of ethics is really massive and it is applied to many people involved in the system. 

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Background of the Code of Ethics 

One should understand that the code of ethics for Australia’s nursing practice is actually being created by the conjunction of three vital documents: the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia and the National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse, National Competency Standards for the Enrolled Nurse and National Competency Standards for the Nurse Practitioner. 

These three documents form the backbone of the Australian healthcare decision-making framework along with the standardized guidelines for the nursing professionals to follow. The codes evoke a sense of accountability for the nurses on every action taken and medical intervention planned. The codes cover all the nursing practices like in education, clinical interventions, management, and also nursing research. The Australian nursing code complements the International Council of Nurses and it abides by the laws and the regulations of the international nursing practices. 

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Purpose of the Nursing Code of Ethics in Australia 

The nursing code of ethics of Australia solves many purposes. The primary aim of this set of codes is to identify the ethical codes and values of the nursing profession. It offers the nurses and the nursing students a standard of conduct so that they know what to do and how to react under certain circumstances. 

The code of ethics of nursing offers the nurses with a point of reference with the help of which they can evaluate their actions. They can always fall back and refer to this code whenever they are in doubt. 

The nursing code of Australia offers a standardized professional guideline with the help of which the employers and the management of nurses can evaluate whether the actions are meeting the standard requirements or not. It is vital that they meet the requirements all the time so that they abide by the ethical regulations. 

The codes also make the community aware of the ethical practice that they can expect from the nurses and also of the human rights standards that they are catering to. This offers a greater assurance to the community regarding the quality and standard of nursing interventions they are going to experience as and when they require medical intervention. 

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