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7 Best Language Tips to Improve Your Assignments

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: November 10, 2021 | Posted In:

Writing an engaging piece of literature takes years of experience, and knowledge. To develop a writing skill that instantly grab the attention of the readers and keeps them engaged to the text till the very last word is a challenging task. Over the centuries, English literature has evolved vastly with contributions from many great writers and scholars. Various language techniques have been contributed by legendary authors and here we talk about 7 language techniques which you should try to incorporate in your next academic or casual piece of literature.

What are language techniques?

It is described as certain key elements in a text which the author brings with the purpose of increasing the emphasis on the text or to make the literature more engaging to the audience. For this, the writer may make use of various different tactics and approaches which are called language techniques, language features, literary devices etc.

7 Most Commonly Used Language Techniques

Metaphor and Simile:

Both metaphor and simile involve a comparison of the subject to some other related or unrelated substance. However, the one key difference between metaphor and simile is that a simile is in direct comparison with something, whereas in the case of a metaphor, the main subject is put in direct comparison.


In imagery, the writer used descriptive language in order to help the reader visualize the text in a better way. It can be used to stimulate different sensory elements such as touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste.


Symbolism is the use of symbols or objects to signify a deeper meaning apart from the literal sense. It is used by authors to convey the readers about the significance of an object in a narrative.


An anecdote is a brief story or fact about a person or an event that is mainly used for humour. It is a language technique used by authors to impart information in a humorous way by amusing the readers.


Flashbacks are mainly used in narrative writing and are very important. They take back the readers to a previous incident in the story which provides context for the present events. It provides an additional context to the plot by reintroducing an event which has already occurred in the past chronologically.


It is a technique where the author uses the characters to tell a story within the main storyline of the narrative. It helps the writer in forming a better connection with the story and the characters involved in it.


Characterization is an important aspect of all fictional and non-fictional writing. It is used to bring life to the character involved in the story. Characterization involves in providing additional information and details regarding a character which helps the reader make a more accurate impression of them. These may include voice, appearance, behavior, body language, marks and scars on the body, past experiences, skills etc. is an online assignment help service that assists students in academic writing. has a strong track record of delivering top quality writing at a normal price that meet the unique needs of students. We have specialized network of highly trained writers who can provide the best assignment help.

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