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Understanding The Different Theories in Nursing

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Nursing theories are basically a collection of concepts, guidelines, relational statements, or some assumptions to explain certain phenomenon. The different nursing theories are widely used in various nursing assignments. Understanding the various nursing theories is essential whilst writing effective nursing essays

The nursing theories provide the layout for the nursing practices of the modern day. The nursing theories started evolving way back in time when nursing as a subject was not given any academic importance. Back then nursing was only considered as a task-oriented career. However, the introduction of the nursing theories helped shape the profession as an academic one. 


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All You Need to Know about Nursing Theories

Importance of Nursing Theories: 

You might wonder that in a practice oriented environment how can be a bunch of theories be useful. However, historically speaking the nursing theories has helped shape the profession in many ways. The nursing theories help you set the foundation on the basis of which you can choose your style of practice. The nursing theories also help you define nursing as a concept and assist you in understanding your role in their healthcare sector. The theories actually provide a rational and scientific justification based on which you are inspired to carry on with your practice. 

The various nursing theories also provide you with the adequate guidelines to make sure that you are delivering medical care in an appropriate and ethical manner. Knowing the different theories will help you self-monitor your practice and also will aid you to come to your decision regarding how to handle a particular situation. During your career as a professional nurse you might face various dilemmas arising out of conflicting interests. However, knowing the theories by heart will enable you to demonstrate utmost professionalism even in the most challenging situation of your nursing career. Lastly nursing theories will help you write your nursing essays and nursing research papers. 

Purpose of Nursing Theories: 

The main purpose of the nursing theories is to improve the quality of nursing as a service. This finally affects the overall well-being of the patients and also the nurses who are delivering the care. The nursing theories also provide a basis of the clinical practices and define the guidelines which will help you understand the measures you need to take whilst offering medical intervention or any healthcare service in general. The nursing theories are formed on the basis of several nursing accomplishments in the past and they helped the profession to acquire a definite shape which was lacking a hundred years ago. 

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There are three main areas of nursing which are affected directly by the nursing theories- the academic practices, the research & development, and professional nursing services. So, as a nurse whether you are writing an academic paper or doing some research or even offering medical intervention to any patient, you are never beyond the scope of the nursing theories. 

Nursing Theories in Academic Disciplines: 

Many nursing programs, in the past, have identified the nursing theories as the basis of their entire structure. The unique languages of nursing that are normally featured in the nursing curriculums are derived from the theories under consideration. Even the modern nursing syllabuses and curriculums are not beyond the scope of the various theories of nursing. The purpose of inclusion of the nursing theories into the academic domain is to make the subjects even more meaningful and applicable to the nursing students. 

Nursing Theories in Research and Development: 

Nursing theories also provide the basis of various research and peer reviewed journals written on the subject of nursing and healthcare. The nursing theories offer a specific framework and guideline based on which the research can be thoroughly conducted. It helps the researcher to define his/her guidelines as far as the subject of nursing is concerned. The nursing theories, in reality, simplify many critical findings of nursing practices making it easier for the present researchers to construct their hypothesis or research questions. 

Nursing Theories in Nursing Practice 

Perhaps it is the areas of nursing practice where the theories are mostly applicable. This is due to the fact that the theories were generated during the process of offering medical interventions or healthcare services by the various nursing theorists in the past. That is why the nursing theories are very relatable when it comes to medical interventions and healthcare service providing even in today’s date. 

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