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41 Popular Nursing Theorists and Their Work

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Nursing theories are very important when it comes to the practice of health care and providing medical interventions. The nursing theories offer guidelines and define the purpose of nursing as a practice. While working on your nursing assignment solutions, you need to refer to various nursing theories, know the nursing theorists and apply them adequately in your case study or research. It is very difficult to tackle any critical nursing homework without properly referring to the established nursing theories related to the subject.

Considering the fact that nursing theories define the entire discipline of nursing and gave it a more academic form, it is very essential that you know the various categories and areas where the theories are applicable. Gathering adequate knowledge about the various nursing theories is essential in the process of understanding the nursing profession as a whole. During your course in nursing, you will encounter various case studies and research assignments. For that reason, it is essential that you are well acquainted with all the nursing theories and the theorists who have created the theories. 

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In the meantime learn about the various nursing theories and the most popular nursing theorists from the past to the present times. 

Learn About the Top Nursing Theorists and Their Work from Our Tutors

Learn about the various nursing theorists and the work they have done in the field of academic nursing and nursing in practice. 

Florence Nightingale: Florence Nightingale created Environmental Theory and Biography. She is the founder of modern nursing and according to her, “the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery.” 

Hildegard E. Peplau, nursing theorist: Defined the theory of interpersonal relationships. Defined nursing as “An interpersonal process of therapeutic interactions between an individual who is sick or in need of health services and a nurse specially educated to recognize, respond to the need for help.”

Virginia Henderson: Created the Nursing Needs theory. According to her nursing is all about meeting the basic human needs. 

Faye Glenn Abdellah: Introduced the 21 Nursing Problems theory. According to her, “Nursing is based on art and science that molds the attitudes, intellectual competencies, and technical skills of the individual nurse into the desire and ability to help people, sick or well, cope with their health needs.”

Ernestine Wiedenbach: Created the Helping Art of Clinical Nursing. She emphasized the importance of nurturing and caring in every segment of nursing. 

Lydia E. Hall: Developed the care, cure, core or the “Three C’s of Nursing” theory.

Joyce Travelbee: Introduced the Human-to-Human Relationship Model in nursing. 

Kathryn E. Barnard: Developed the Child Health Assessment Model. She defined nursing practices for child health management. 

Evelyn Adam: Created various theories and models based on the concept of nursing as a practice.

Nancy Roper, Winifred Logan, and Alison J. Tierney: The trio prepared thefourth edition of The Elements of Nursing: A Model for Nursing Based on a Model of Living” 

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Ida Jean Orlando: She introduced the Nursing Process Theory. According to her, “Patients have their own meanings and interpretations of situations and therefore nurses must validate their inferences and analyses with patients before drawing conclusions.”

Jean Watson: She introduced the Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring. According to the theory,Nursing is concerned with promoting health, preventing illness, caring for the sick, and restoring health.”

Marilyn Anne Ray: She pioneered the Theory of Bureaucratic Caring. Her focus was on the overall safety of the patient, control of infection, and reduction in the error of medication.

Patricia Benner: Introduced the theory of Caring, Clinical Wisdom, and Ethics in Nursing Practice”. She emphasized on developing interpersonal relationships with the patients during the treatment process. 

Kari Martinsen: Introduced the Philosophy of Caring in nursing. According to her, a nurse must have an overwhelming sense of caring and neighborly love. 

Katie Eriksson: Pioneered the Theory of Creative Caring and emphasize on the importance of affection and love present in a nurse. 

Myra Estrin Levine: Introduced the Conservation Model of nursing and focused on the importance of human interaction in nursing practice.

Martha E. Rogers: Introduced the Theory of Unitary Human Beings and she defined nursing as an art and science which is humanitarian by nature. 

Dorothea E. Orem: She propagated the Self Care Theory of nursing and according to her, The act of assisting others in the provision and management of self-care to maintain or improve human functioning at home level of effectiveness.”

Imogene M. King: Introduced the theory of Goal Attainment in Nursing and emphasized on patient and nurse interaction. 

Betty Neuman: Introduced the Neuman’s System Model and defined nursing as a profession which reacts to various human needs developed out of stress. 

Sister Callista Roy: She is the founder of Roy’s Adaptation Model which emphasizes on various “health promotion” activities amongst nurses. 

Dorothy E. Johnson: She introduced the Behavioral System Model which focuses on the regulatory factors related to the practice of nursing. 

Anne Boykin and Savina O. Schoenhofer: Introduced “The Theory of Nursing as Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice” 

Afaf Ibrahim Meleis: Introduced the Transition Theory of nursing. 

Nola J. Pender: Introduced the Health Promotion Model. 

Madeleine M. Leininger: The Founder of the Culture Care Theory of Diversity and Universality and she emphasizes the care of human being as an individual or in a group. 

Margaret A. Newman: Proposed the concept of Health as Expanding Consciousness and talked about the human relationship with the environment. 

Helen C. Erickson, Evelyn M. Tomlin, and Mary Ann P. Swain: Introduced the Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory of Nursing. 

Gladys L. Husted and James H. Husted: Created the Symphonological Bioethical Theory and it is focused on the concept of human rights. 

Ramona T. Mercer: Introduced the “Maternal Role Attainment—Becoming a Mother” theory wherein the nurses presume the roles of a caregiving mother. 

Merle H. Mishel: Introduced the “Uncertainty in Illness Theory”

Pamela G. Reed: Developed the Self-Transcendence Theory in nursing and explained the human relationship with health and circumstances. 

Carolyn L. Wiener and Marylin J. Dodd: Introduced the Theory of illness Trajectory. 

Phil Barker: Developed the all-important Barker’s Tidal Model of Mental Health Recovery which is widely used in mental health interventions in nursing. 

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