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7 Bad Study Methods To Avoid At College

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: September 25, 2020 | Posted In:

Your final grades matter a lot for your future. No matter how much effort you put in, if you fail to secure high grades, your effort does not count, at least to your professors and prospective employers. It’s a harsh reality that students are evaluated on their grades rather than their creativity, talent, and passion. When you cannot score according to your expectations, you get frustrated and demoralized.

It’s quite common in academic life to get average results even after working so hard. To ace an exam, you need to identify the problem first. Well, you might be studying in the wrong manner. To score high in your exams, you need to adopt a proper studying strategy and follow it precisely. Students make some mistakes and follow wrong methods while studying and these methods need to be changed immediately. Here are 7 bad methods to avoid at college.

bad study habits

7 Bad Study Habits to Avoid at College

Late Night Cramming

These days most of the students remain awake till late at night for preparing their assignments and revising their earlier tasks. When the exams are near the propensity to stay awake late at night increases and you have to put in the extra effort but that doesn’t mean you need to stay awake the whole night. Just cramming throughout the night does not give you the desired results. You may not comprehend all the concepts of the subject because your body gets exhausted due to different activities throughout the day.

Studying with Distractions

There are a lot of distractions these days. Chatting with friends during studies through instant messaging services has become a habit. If you have the same habit, now it’s time to change it. You won’t be able to work along with your smartphone in your vicinity. So, choose a calm and quiet place to prepare for your examinations.

Avoiding Proper Study Tools

Aimless preparations for examinations will turn out costly for you.  If you are not using the right tools for your studies, you may not get the desired results. Don’t overestimate your textbook and rather look for various resources to gather information and study them. Many online resources are available over the internet that can help you in better preparation.


Everyone procrastinates with their work and students are not an exception. There comes a time when you cannot motivate yourself anymore to study longer. This happens when you procrastinate while studying. When you procrastinate while studying, you are not able to retain all the information that you read. Studying continuously for a longer period of time makes the task unyielding and monotonous.  Take breaks for relaxation between study sessions to give the brain sufficient time to absorb information.

bad study methods to avoid at college

Ignoring The Classes

It’s quite common for students to bunk the classes at college. But it’s very important to attend the classes regularly if you don’t want to fail those subjects in which you are weak. During classes, professors give some information and notes which are equally important for the exam. When you bunk these important classes, you miss the essential information that holds huge importance when you are trying to score good grades in the exam. So, make active participation in the class and grasp the subject better.

Useless Highlighting

Most of the students use the strategy of highlighting the key paragraphs of every chapter that they study. It is proved that using a neon highlighter before examinations is one of the least effective ways to remember the content and concepts. Though highlighters make a visual impact, they do not make content prominent in the human mind. Rather than highlighting, quiz yourself to test your command and mastery over the subject.

Imitating Others

Every student has their own approach. Imitating other students cannot help them in all instances. The approach that worked for the best student of the class may not be effective with you. So avoid imitating others and you can be a separate person with unique habits.

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