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7 Simple Tips for Writing Nursing Care Plan

By HWA | Publish On: September 4, 2019 | Posted In:

Writing a nursing care plan is one of the most essential elements of any nursing assignment. Nurses around the world needs to document comprehensive care plans during their nursing courses and also during their professional nursing practice. Most nurses presume this task as an unwanted one but whether you are a nurse in practice or you need to write a care plan for your nursing homework, you need to know how to go on about it. 

Considering the fact that writing a nursing care plan is not a walk in the park, you need to know exactly what are the essentials of writing a proper nursing care plan. The tips provided in this article will not only assist the nursing students who are seeking nursing assignment help but it would also help the professional nurses who wants to write proper care plans. 

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Standard Format of Nursing Care Plan


A standard nursing care plan will comprise of four major parts. The first and foremost part is, of course, the diagnosis of the patient. In this step, you need to write about the situation that the patient is under. It also tends to shed light on the conditions that have led to the current condition of the patient. Also at the same time, it should cover the nutrition and the medication that the patient is under, prior to the actual intervention. The overall background of the patient, along with your diagnosis of the situation, will make a good start to your nursing care plan. 

Expected Outcome

The second part of the write-up must comprise of the expected outcomes of the intervention you are planning. List down the patient outcomes that you intend to achieve with your care service. The success of your nursing care plan will depend mostly on the fact that whether or not the expected outcomes are met. It is important to note that the expected outcomes should not sound overwhelmingly positive. For instance, if the patient will show a lack of metabolism in the short time then you must put that in your expected outcome. 


The third part is the most important segment of your nursing care plan. The third part talks about the medical intervention that you are planning to undertake. The interventions should be in tandem with your diagnosis and also your expected outcome. In traditional forms of nursing care plans, you need to provide a rationale or proper reasoning for your implementation plan. The rationales must be associated with each and every intervention you are planning. Starting from educating the patient to altering his/her food habits, from providing medication or suggesting a surgery, everything should be supported by a rationale. All the rationales should be linked with the initial diagnosis.

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The final part of your nursing care plan will include the overall evaluation of the intervention. It will be the ultimate analysis determining whether or not your medical intervention yielded the desired success. The evaluation section can be treated as a benchmark for other nurses who are planning on offering similar interventions or treating patients with similar medical conditions. Thus the nursing care plans can be good quality nursing case studies for students who are learning about various health conditions and adequate medical interventions. 

Faculties for Writing a Care Plan 

In order to write a proper nursing care plan, you need to collect detailed information and data regarding the patient under consideration. It is based on this data collection you will make the final diagnosis. That is why it is essential for you to collect current medical data for the client along with his/her detailed medical history. 

The second attribute required for writing a care plan is your ability to analyze the situation. Your entire diagnosis would depend on the manner you analyze or interpret the patient data you have collected. 

The third important factor is your ability to organize your data and information. You must have the proper presentation skills to display your findings in an organized manner so that the reader of your care plan can comprehend the entire case with mush and ease. 

The fourth and final aspect of writing a care plan is your ability to find proper literary sources to support your diagnosis and intervention. Your care plan must be supported with current peer-reviewed journals on nursing and the medical interventions proposed in them. 

Writing a nursing care plan essay is not an easy task even if you have gained your first-hand experience of delivering a medical intervention. We at will help you structure your experience in a professional manner and will assist you in writing a well-structured reflective essay of nursing intervention. 

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