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HelpWithAssignment provides accurate risk & return assignment solutions to students all across the globe. With a team of extremely knowledgeable finance assignment experts, we can assure you will not only get a good grade in your risk & return assignment but also at the same time we will help you clear your concept regarding the different kinds of risks associated with investment management.

It is critical that you have a clear understanding of the concepts surrounding market risk, business risk, and inflation risk. And our pool of extremely knowledgeable online financial management experts will help you get excellent grades in your risk and return analysis assignments.

Risk and Return go hand in hand and are positively correlated. The higher the risk, the higher is likely the gain. Risk reflects the chance that the actual return on an investment may be very different than the expected return.

Sources of risk include:
Interest Rate Risk – variability of returns based on changes in the level of interest rates
Market Risk – variability of returns due to fluctuations in the securities market
Inflation Risk – variability of returns due to reduction in purchasing power
Business Risk – the risk of doing business in a particular environment
Financial Risk – risk arising due to companies resorting to financial leverage or debt.
Liquidity Risk – risk arising due to less number of trades for the security on the secondary market.

Total risk is measured by Variation. Variation of an asset is the sum of the squared deviation of each possible rate of return from the expected rate of return multiplied by the probability that the rate of return occurs.
Var (K) = n∑i=1 Pi (Ki – K’)2
Where Var (k) = Variability of returns
Pi      = Probability of the ith possible outcome
Ki      = Rate of return from ith possible outcome
K’      = Expected rate of return
n       = Number of years
Risk can be diversifiable (also called Unsystematic risk) or nondiversifiable (Also called Systematic risk). An investor can diversify his portfolio and thus reduce or eliminate asset-specific risk. On the other hand, nondiversifiable risk is the market risk that cannot be reduced by diversification. This systematic risk is measured by Beta in the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).

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Clarity of Concept: Sometimes the lectures provided in your class are not enough to make you understand such complex concepts like risk & return analysis. Our financial management online experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you gain the desired clarity.

Accurate Calculations: Calculations are needed to be carefully done in case of risk and return analysis assignments. The online experts hold the key to giving you proper answers so that you get top grades in your class.

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  • Working in a reputed Chicago-based Insurance Company as an actuary, our head risk & return assignment expert is associated with us for over 6 years. His reputation in the field and extensive knowledge is an asset to us and with his help, many students have gained excellent grades in their hedging strategy assignments.
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“It would have taken ages for me to understand the concept of inflation risk and how adding more shares in your portfolio can also increase the risk, if not for HwA and their wonderful team of experts. The risk & return assignment expert was patient and he explained the me in detail, the concept. From then onwards I take their help for all my risk & return calculation assignments”. Faye Brown, May 2016

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