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If you are a Finance student looking for help with your Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment writing then HelpWithAssignment is the best place for you. Our panel of highly educated Finance Assignment Experts can help you write your Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment and Mergers & Acquisitions Homework essays no matter what is your requirement.

Subjects like Finance and Accounting make you stay on your toes and at times you wish that someone could just write your Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment essay for you. At HwA we understand that the primary aim of your finance course is to provide you with a solid platform on which to base your future successful career in business. That is why we aim to provide you with the most lucid and comprehensive online finance assignment writing experts who will also help you understand the concepts of Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Our team of Finance Assignment experts equipped with Ph.D. and Masters’s degrees can help on a wide range of Finance assignment topics including Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment writing and Mergers & Acquisitions Homework Help.

Solving Mergers & Acquisitions Assignments requires a clear understanding of underlying financial concepts, economic theories, and their application in the real world. While students from business and account-related backgrounds might be able to match the pace with which a management curriculum moves, others might have a tough time. Owing to a lack of understanding of basic concepts and improper guidance, students might feel lost and might begin to lose their interest in the subject thereby making their grades fall.

Are you struggling with Mergers & Acquisitions Problems? Do you need Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment Help? Mergers & Acquisitions Homework Help? Then HelpWithAssignment is the answer to your queries. Contact us with your Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment Help and Mergers & Acquisitions Homework Essay Writing and we will connect you to the best Finance Assignment Writing Expert who will suit your requirements.

Understanding the World of Business and the Concept of Mergers & Acquisitions

In business, there is one simple rule: grow or die. Companies on a growth path will take away market share from competitors, create economic profits and provide returns to shareholders. Those that do not grow tend to stagnate, lose customers and market share, and destroy shareholder value. Mergers and acquisitions play a critical role in both sides of the cycle — enabling strong companies to grow faster than the competition and providing entrepreneurs rewards for their efforts, and ensuring weaker companies are more quickly swallowed, or worse, made irrelevant through exclusion and ongoing share erosion.

Mergers and Acquisitions and a vital part of any healthy economy and importantly, the primary way that companies are able to provide returns to owners and investors. This fact combined with the potential for large returns makes the acquisition a highly attractive way for entrepreneurs and owners to capitalize on the value created in a company.

During the 1980s, nearly half of the companies in the US were restructured and over 80000 were acquired or merged, and over 700000 sought bankruptcy protection in order to reorganize and continue operations. The more recent wave of M&A activity seen since 2004 has been driven by the more general macroeconomic recovery and several key trends.

Reasons for Acquisition:

Economies to scale and scope: A large company can enjoy economies of scale or savings from producing goods in high volume that are not available to a small company. Larger firms can also benefit from economies of scope, which are savings that come from combining the marketing and distribution of different types of related products.

Vertical Integration: Vertical integration refers to the merger of two companies in the same industry that make products required at different stages of the production cycle. A company might conclude that it can enhance its product if it has direct control of the inputs required to make the product. Similarly, another company might not be happy with how its products are being distributed, so it might decide to take control of its distribution channels.

The principal benefit of vertical integration is coordination. By putting two companies under central control, management can ensure that both companies work toward a common goal.

Expertise: Firms often need expertise in particular areas to compete more efficiently. Faced with this situation, a firm can enter the labor market and attempt to hire personnel with the required skills. Hiring experienced workers directly might be very difficult for existing managers to identify the talent they need. A more efficient solution may be to purchase the talent as an already functioning unit by acquiring an existing firm.

Monopoly Gains: It is often argued that merging with or acquiring a major rival enables a firm to substantially reduce competition within the industry and thereby increase profits. Society as a whole bears the cost of monopoly strategies, so most countries have antitrust laws that limit such activity.

Meet our Online Finance Assignment to Help Experts

At HwA we follow a strict policy of recruitment for our finance assignment experts. We make sure that the finance assignment help experts are highly qualified with a good grasp of the concepts and theories of finance. We make sure to pair you with the finance assignment expert who is at par with or better qualified than you for writing your finance mergers & acquisitions assignment essay.

  • With a Master’s in Finance from the celebrated University of Michigan, our lead finance assignment writing expert has over a decade’s experience in online finance assignment writing for students from around the globe. Having been in an academic background with keen research-oriented thinking he is one of the best finance assignment writing experts you can ask for
  • With an MBA from one of the top B Schools in London, our next finance assignment expert is currently working with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Recently she has also had her article on Acquisition Strategies in one of the leading finance journals which have received widespread accolades.
  • Our next finance assignment help expert has a Ph.D. in finance and is currently holding a teaching position at one of the leading B Schools in Sydney. Being in the academic environment himself he knows exactly what the professors are looking for in your Mergers & acquisition assignment essays and helps you to structure it in a way that will fetch you the best grades.

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Let’s have a look at the benefits you get when you choose HwA to be your finance and mergers & acquisitions help expert.

Plagiarism-Free Assignments: We understand that your reputation as a student depends on the quality of the assignments that you submit. Plagiarism is the demon that has destroyed the career of many students. Most colleges follow very strict rules regarding plagiarism and students may even be expelled if they exceed the plagiarism limit stipulated. Needless to say, we follow very stringent rules regarding plagiarism and are strictly against the “copy-paste” idea. We use software like Turnitin to ensure that the mergers and acquisition assignment essay that you receive will not land you in any trouble with the professor or mar your academic reputation.

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Customized Help: We, at HwA, believe that each student is unique and that is why we treat each and every finance assignment help request as an individual query. We guarantee that we will never sell you generic answers and assignment essays from previous students and we will also not sell your prepared mergers and acquisitions assignment essay to any other student. Our finance assignment writing experts work on each merger and acquisitions assignment essay as unique and the research and references provided are as per the specific requirements of that particular assignment.

Student Friendly: Our availability on phone, chat, and email round the clock seven days a week makes us one of the most customer-friendly online finance assignment help providers. You have the best chance to address your finance mergers and acquisitions problems at once. Our finance assignment help experts can write your mergers and acquisitions assignments on short deadlines and provide you a chance to excel in your finance classes.

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Student Testimonials:

“I took the help of HwA for my Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment and the tutor delivered the assignment exactly as per the guidelines mentioned by our professor. When my professor reviewed the work he only suggested minor changes that were seamlessly incorporated by the finance assignment help expert at HwA”. -Jonathan Mayers, July 2016

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