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Marketing Plan Assignment Help

HelpWithAssignment is well known for its marketing plan assignment help and marketing plan project help services. Students from all over the globe get benefitted from the marketing plan homework help solutions provided by our team of esteemed marketing plan experts and marketing tutors. All our marketing plan tutors are either MBA in marketing or equipped with Ph.D. in a related subject and for that reason are well equipped with the prowess of dealing with your marketing plan reports.

Preparing a marketing plan requires an in-depth understanding of the surrounding environment and for that reason, our team of marketing assignment experts, with their extensive knowledge and exposure can help you get an A+ and A in your marketing case study or marketing project. Now if you are stuck with your marketing research proposal on consumer behavior, there is no need to get all depressed as our team of marketing assignment experts has extensive knowledge in writing marketing research reports along with marketing research proposals and we can guarantee you that the marketing homework help provided them will help you climb the stairs of success in the field of marketing management

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There are in fact more reasons than one to approach us for marketing plan homework help. How many times have you felt that someone could just do the marketing case study and get you good grades?

Specially Written For You: Your marketing plan report solution should not ideally match someone else’s. Also, your marketing plan proposal should be as novel as it can be! Our team of marketing assignment experts knows that and will deliver you unique marketing plan homework help which will be only presented by you to your professor.

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  • Equipped with a Ph.D. in Marketing Strategies of Asian fast-food chains in the USA, our lead marketing plan tutor is a guest lecturer at the London-based B-School. With his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market segments and consumer behavior, he is indeed one of the best marketing plan assignment experts in the industry and HelpWithAssignment boasts his association as a marketing plan assignment expert for more than 8 years now.
  • Recently completed her MBA from INSEAD, France, and works as a marketing assignment expert with us for the last 4 years. He is an expert in marketing plan proposal writing and marketing plan case study.
  • Pursuing a Ph.D. from Harvard University she joined us on July 2015. Now a part of a leading Advertising Agency in California, United States, she helps our clients with marketing plan homework and marketing plan case studies.

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“I was totally unaware of what exactly needed to be written in the marketing plan assignment. I needed to first get approval from my professor about the hypothetical business and the region where it needs to be promoted. When I approached HelpWithAssignment I got relieved as they provided me with certain alternatives and assured me that their marketing assignment experts can care of anything my professor approves. It is needless to say that I got an A+ in the marketing plan assignment and many other assignments going forward”.  -Kelly Griffin

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About Marketing Plan & Marketing Plan assignments

Not sure how to crack the marketing plan you just received in class? Looking for someone to help you in making a marketing plan that can fetch you an A+ grade in College? Our tutors with a Ph.D. in Marketing Management would be happy to assist you in writing an excellent marketing plan for class. So what are you waiting for? Fill up the form on the right or write to us at

Prepare a Marketing Plan that gets you an A+ grade

Preparing a marketing plan is the basic job of the marketing department and it is more often prepared by marketing managers. It can give the top management a clear picture of what the product or the company is going through right now, in terms of market, political, economic, social, and cultural situations which can have an overall effect on the sales of a product. It can also advise the management about the goals that have been set by the top management and the ways through which they can be achieved.  For these reasons, a marketing plan needs to include a detailed perspective that covers various issues that can be ignored otherwise.

The best way to prepare a marketing plan is to incorporate ideas and analyses such as situation analysis, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, competitive analysis, and market analysis, etc along with target marketing, market segmentation, market positioning, etc. These analyses are generally supported by research in various categories which include consumer or customer research, market research, and consumer behavior research. The next step is the evaluation of the results achieved through research and analysis. The evaluation step in the marketing plan gives rise to implementation.

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What Are Included In a Marketing Plan?

Taking a close look at each of the analyses can give us a broader picture of what includes a marketing plan.

Situation Analysis: Situation analysis is used for providing a general overview of the environment the firm is operating under.

SWOT Analysis: SWOT is an abbreviation for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Her strengths and weaknesses are the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization and opportunities and threats are external to an organization.

PEST Analysis: PEST is an abbreviation for Political, Economical, Social, and Technological. The political stability of a country is a major issue for the smooth functioning of the business. Economic factors that influence a company can include interest rates, availability of finances for the business, inflation, wages, etc. also come under this purview. Social factors also play an important role. Factors such as lifestyle, rate of literacy, health, etc, and more under this purview.  Technological factors include the level of technology available in the region such as infrastructure, technical know-how, etc.

Competitive Analysis: Competitive analysis discusses competitors and their strategies. This involves a deeper understanding of what the competitors are offering to their customers in terms of features, services, etc, and how to better our features and services more so that consumers will be attracted to our products.

Market Analysis: Market analysis is another important piece of analysis that is required in a marketing plan. Market analysis involves analyzing the present and future prospects in the market such as market size, market growth rate, market expansion or future expansion or decline in the market, etc.

Marketing strategy: Marketing strategy can include a mention of our share in the market along with our strategy for capturing new markets. This includes market penetration, market development, product development, product diversification, etc. These strategies can help in paving the way for new market discoveries and development.

Market Segmentation: One of the marketing strategy’s important ideas is market segmentation. Market segmentation refers to dividing or segmenting a total market based on various types of consumers. This division generally takes place with consumers keeping in mind their age, sex, lifestyle, level of education, income, etc.

Target Market: After segmenting the market into various kinds of consumers, the company can now select the kind of consumers that it can target. As mentioned above this targeting is based on factors such as age, sex, lifestyle, level of education, income, etc. For example, smartphone manufacturer nowadays looks at targeting teenage and young people instead of focusing more attention on middle-aged or older people. And also, new features or specifications that they provide in a smartphone are more oriented toward the younger generation.

Market Positioning: After concluding which type of market to target, the next step is about positioning the product or the company. Now, this is where the concept of a brand comes in. An average consumer may be ready to buy any product but will prefer either a popular brand or a brand that the consumer can identify with. This identification is created with the concept of ‘brand’ and ‘brand value’ that a product enjoys in the market. For example, let’s take the above example itself. A young person who’s looking to buy a smartphone with high-end features can either go with top brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, or Sony.

Market Research: All the above analyses or strategies can only be made possible with market research. Market research is an important process where good input can be gathered by the firm. A firm that wants to increase its market share must know what the market and in turn the consumers would like to have or find in a product. Again taking the above example of a smartphone, a smartphone manufacturer who wants to increase his market share would put in a questionnaire to his customers asking about what new features they’d want in their smartphone. And this can include things such as a fingerprint sensor, an SLR-like camera, a bright display with accurate color reproduction, and most importantly a smartphone that doesn’t run out of juice.  And in this way, market research can help in providing good inputs to a firm which can help in designing new and better products for their consumers and in turn increase their market share and brand value.

These are some of the features that can be seen or presented in a marketing plan. One can include these and various other strategies in a marketing plan, depending on the product or service that is concerned. 

Our highly qualified, professional, and skilled team members can provide you with help with complex marketing case studies, report writing, essay writing, research paper, term paper, dissertation involving multiple disciplines and concepts, research proposal writing, and presentation in areas like brand equity, marketing mix, etc.

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