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Job Costing Assignment Help

Job Costing is a costing method applied to determine the cost of specific jobs or lots of production generally manufactured according to customers’ specifications. The main feature of the job costing system is that no two orders are necessarily alike and all orders do not pass through the same manufacturing process. The job order system is generally used by production houses where products are manufactured according to the customers’ specifications such as building, contracting, machine tool manufacturing, furniture, job printing, and general engineering. 

A job may be a product, a unit, batch, sales order, project, contract, service, a specific program, or any other cost objective that is clearly distinguishable and unique in terms of materials and other services used. 
The main purpose of job costing is to ascertain profit or loss on each job undertaken. Since costs are estimated before accepting a job and actual costs are compared to the estimated costs, it is also possible to ascertain whether the estimate was correct and/or whether the cost incurred is reasonable or not. This helps in improving the efficiency of operations as well as revising estimates for future quotations.
Job Cost Sheet: A job cost sheet is a basic document in job order costing. It accumulates costs for each job. All costs incurred-direct materials, direct labor, direct expenses, and overheads are duly recorded. These job cost sheets are prepared using absorption costing and volume-based methods of allocation of overheads.
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