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Organic Chemistry is regarded as the chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds and their derivatives. Inorganic chemistry on the other hand can be described as the chemistry of “everything else”. This includes all the remaining elements in periodic table, as well as carbon, which plays a major role in many inorganic compounds. Organometallic chemistry is a very large and rapidly growing field which is bridging both areas of many organic reactions. Bioinorganic chemistry bridges biochemistry and inorganic chemistry and environmental chemistry which includes the study of both inorganic and organic compounds. 

Some comparisons between inorganic and organic compounds are in order. In both areas, single, double and triple covalent bonds are found. For inorganic compounds, these include direct metal-metal bonds and metal-carbon bonds. However, although the maximum number of bonds between two carbon atoms is three, there are many compounds containing quadruple bonds between metal atoms. In addition to the sigma and pi bonds common in inorganic chemistry. Quadruply bonded metal atoms contain a delta bond. A combination of one sigma bond, two pi bonds, and one delta bond makes up the quadruple bond. The delta bond is possible in these cases because metal atoms have d orbitals to use in bonding, whereas carbon has only s and p orbitals available.

Some of the striking differences between the chemistry of carbon and that of many other elements are in coordination number and geometry. Although carbon is usually limited to a maximum coordination number of four, inorganic compounds having coordination numbers of five, six, seven and more are very common, the most common coordination geometry is an octahedral arrangement around a central atom. Furthermore, inorganic compounds present coordination geometrics different from those found for carbon. For example, although 4-coordinate carbon is nearly always tetrahedral, both tetrahedral and square planar shapes occur for 4-coordinate compounds of both metals and non-metals. When metals are the central atoms, with anions or neutral molecules bonded to them, these are called coordination complexes: when carbon is the element directly bonded to metal atoms or ions, they are called organometallic compounds.

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