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Are you struggling with your Enzymes assignment? Do you need professional assistance in writing your Enzymes assignment? offers quality Enzymes homework help for your BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) programs, MSN (Master of Science Nursing) programs, and DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) programs. Our team of online nursing tutors will assist you with the nursing essay writing and nursing assignments thereby helping you achieve excellent grades in your nursing papers.

Introduction to Enzymes

Enzymes are body proteins within the cells that act as catalysts to enhance any chemical reaction happening inside the body. Enzymes can be called as selective catalysts, as one enzyme takes part in only one chemical reaction. Enzymes can combine different reagents or can split one reagent into various products or transform one reagent into another single product. Most of the enzymes act in the metabolic pathways. To effectively function, enzymes need co-enzymes and co-factors like iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, etc. Co-enzymes are manufactured from the vitamins consumed. Alike proteins, enzymes are also made of interconnected amino acids that determine the nucleus of each cell.

 Each enzyme will have an ‘active surface ‘ over its surface, to which the reagents get attached. For example, to manufacture one hemoglobin, a single iron atom gets attached to this active site, with the help of ferrochelatase enzyme. And then releases an iron-containing molecule. This enzyme helps in only one reaction, to attach the iron (reagent) to the active site. Enzymes are the biological molecules and play vital roles in digestion and metabolism. They help break large molecules into smaller ones and thus promote easy absorption by the body. Some of the enzymes bind to two molecules and produce new molecules. Knowledge about enzymes and their roles in body function and disease can innumerably help nurses devise appropriate patient care measures.

Role Of Nurses In Dealing With Enzymes

Different types of enzymes are Oxidoreductases, Transferases, Hydrolases, Lyases, Isomerases, and ligases. Cardiac enzymes are the one which plays an essential role in heart and circulation. Renal enzymes, pancreatic enzymes, metabolic enzymes are the few others categorized based on the functions and organs of secretion. Enzymes are secreted all over the body in all organs, and hold an indispensable place in overall wellbeing. Several enzymatic diseases are discovered in the new era. A few of the enzymatic disorders can be corrected with enzyme replacement, whereas the other diseases can have a poor prognosis.

A few enzymatic disorders encountered in common practice are

  •       Acromegaly
  •       Lactose Intolerance
  •       Muscular Dystrophy
  •       Adenocarcinomas
  •       Huntington’s disease
  •       Morphan’s syndrome
  •       Galactosemia
  •       Down’s syndrome
  •       Edward’s syndrome
  •       Turners syndrome
  •       Huntington’s disease
  •       Hemophilia
  •       Gaucher’s disease

Enzymes are quintessential for digestion, recovery from inflammations, hormonal management, etc. Nurses with adequate knowledge about the enzymatic activity can enable a good and speedy recovery and can provide patient-oriented care. Moreover, several factors determine the secretion of enzymes, such as age, stress, and nutritional status. Understanding this can help nurses provide adequate patient care management services. Enzymatic activities are specifically related to the medications administered. Response to medications is highly dependent on proper secretion and utilization of enzymes inside the body. Enabled knowledge on enzymes, can help nurses identify drug reactions, prevent ‘Adverse drug reactions’ (ADR), provide patient education about drugs and how the body responds to a specific drug, ensure patient safety, avoid medication errors, and avoid treatment failures.

So if you are looking for solid enzyme related assignments and care, then HwA is the perfect place to come. Our pool of enzyme assignment experts are MSN and DNP degree holders and are associated with top nursing schools, acute care hospitals, hospice care centers, and outreach clinics. That means that not only that our nursing assignment experts have in-depth knowledge of all the nursing homework questions but also at the same time they have hand-in experience in the field of nursing practice dedicated to enzymes related diseases and care, which most definitely will enrich the quality of your nursing assignment report. Over the years our online enzyme nursing assignment experts have helped many nursing students to realize their goals and have guided them through their BSN, MSN and even in their DNP nursing assignments.

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