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What is Electric Field?

It is taught in Physics that there are two categories of forces – contact forces and non-contact forces. Gravitational force is a non-contact force or action-at-a-distance force. This force acts even when two objects are held at a distance apart. When a ball is thrown the ball travels a parabolic trajectory, i.e even when the ball is not in contact with earth, the earth is exerting a force on the ball. This is a classic example of a non-contact force.

The action-at-a-distance nature of the electrical force is commonly observed numerous times during lab activities. A charged plastic golf tube might be held above bits of paper on a lab bench. The plastic tube attracts the paper bits even though physical contact is not made with the paper bits. The charged plastic tube might also be held near a charged rubber balloon; and even without physical contact, the tube and the balloon act over a distance. The charged plastic tube exerts its influence over a distance, affecting other charged objects which were in the surrounding neighborhood. Consider a charged foam plate held above an aluminum pie plate without touching it. The charged foam plate exerts an influence upon charged electrons in the aluminum plate even though physical contact is not made. The charged foam plate exerts its influence over a distance, affecting other charged objects in the surrounding neighborhood. Consider a physics demonstration in which a charged objects is brought near the plate of a needle electroscope. Prior to any contact between the electroscope plate and the charged object, the needle of the electroscope begins to deflect. The charged object exerts an influence upon charged electrons in the electroscope even though physical contact is not made. The charged object affects other charged objects which were in the surrounding neighborhood.

Contact forces are quite usual and customary to us. Explaining a contact force which we all feel and experience on a daily basis is not difficult. Non-contact forces require a more difficult explanation. After all, how can one balloon reach across space and pull a second balloon towards it or push it away? The best explanation to this question involves the introduction of the concept of electric field.

Action-at-a-distance forces are sometimes referred to as field forces. The concept of a field force is utilized by scientists to explain this rather unusual force phenomenon that occurs in the absence of physical contact. While all masses attract when held some distance apart, charges can either repel or attract when held some distance apart. An alternative to describing this action-at-a-distance affect is to simply suggest that there is something rather strange about the space surrounding a charged object. Any other charged object that is in that space feels the affect of the charge. A charged object creates an electric field – an alteration of the space in the region which surrounds it. Other charges in that field would feel the unusual alteration of the space. Whether a charged object enters that space or not, the electric field exists. Space is altered by the presence of a charged object. Other objects in that space experience the strange and mysterious qualities of the space.

The strangeness of the space surrounding a charged object is often experienced first hand by the use of a Van de Graaff generator. A Van de Graaff generator is a large conducting sphere which acquires a charge as electrons are scuffed off of a rotating belt as it moves past sharp elongated prongs inside the sphere. The buildup of static charge on the Van de Graaff generator is much greater than that on a balloon rubbed with animal fur or an aluminum plate charged by induction. On a dry day, the buildup of charge becomes so great that it can exert influences on charged balloons held some distance away. If you were to walk near a Van de Graaff generator and hold out your hand, you might even notice the hairs on your hand standing up. And if you were to slowly walk near a Van de Graaff generator, your eyebrows might begin to feel quite staticy. The Van de Graaff generator, like any charged object, alters the space surrounding it. Other charged objects entering the space feel the strangeness of that space. Electric forces are exerted upon those charged objects when they enter that space. The Van de Graaff generator is said to create an electric field in the space surrounding it.

Electric Field Assignment Help

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Electric Field Assignment Help

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