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Communication is a key to any organization. Without effective communication not only an organization but also individuals face problems. It is an integrated and an interdependent process between two or more people. Effective communication will improve the relationship of the organization with the general public. It is a basic essential in our survival. We as individuals need to communicate because, our wants or needs are mutually satisfied.

Everyone in an organization has to communicate to each other. A worker needs to communicate to his Supervisor for any queries or passing of information, an executive needs to communicate with his manager for the purpose of execution of a particular task.  A manager needs to communicate with his staff for the purpose of any orders, suggestions, etc. So, a whole organization is communicating all the time. 

An organization also needs to communicate because there has to be a co-ordination amongst various departments. The various departments and managers and their staff have to communicate to maintain co-ordination, to be on the same pace to increase the productivity and to reduce the cost and to meet the organizational objectives at end of the day.

A message has to be clear and it is to be in the form of information and not data. As we know, data is a collection of raw information which has no meaning. It has to be processed and meaningful message which is precise has to come out. The message has to be clear with no ambiguity what so ever. The message has to reach the recipient in time, or else the very purpose of communicating is defeated.. Sending a message is not enough, making sure that the recipient receives the message, is one of the important tasks.

And the second part of communication is feedback. Once if we send a message, the recipient has to acknowledge that he/she has received the message and will look into the message. This is the minimum courtesy that the recipient has to follow. Unless and until the sender receives the acknowledgement that the message is received, the sender cannot go any further communicating.

Communications Management Assignment Help

Another thing which the sender must keep in mind is that the language being used. The words are to be precise in order to avoid ambiguity and confusion. If the language is better then the recipient will understand better and will respond affirmatively.

Using simple words which can be easily understood by the recipient has to be taken care of. If in an organization, there is a protocol for sending messages, then follow the protocol in order that the message shall duly reach the desired person. There are chances that when the concerned protocols are not followed, there are chances that the message will not reach the recipient. The communication is not complete until and unless the sender receives a feedback.

Lastly, in order that all the departments and workflows to run smoothly, there needs to be an effective and efficient way of communication between the departments in the organization.  Communication is the first step towards Co-ordination among various departments. And Co-ordination is the step towards the collective effort of all the departments towards the Corporate objective or goals. Without which the organization will merely be a place where people meet regularly and not where people work.

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Communications Management Assignment Help

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