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 Change is one of the few things that is constant. In the business world, only those people succeed who change to the changing situations. They sniff out a little change in the environment and change dramatically to exploit the  changing situation to their advantage. 

 Change is good. Changing for good is better. Changing the approach to reach the goals is the best. Changing the way we do things positively can reduce the time and the cost of doing things. In business sense, a change for good  increases the productivity and reduces the wastage and cost of producing a good or a service. 

The types of changes that generally take place in an organization are

  • Strategic changes
  • Technological changes
  • Structural changes
  • Changing the attitudes and behaviors of personnel 

Change Management Assignment Help

Strategic changes refer to the change in the organizational vision, mission, the objectives and the strategy adapted to achieve those objectives. For ex: a company decides to revamp its products and give them a new look, a new design, a new feel, changing the product’s design, changing the marketing strategy, changing the price, etc. are all part of the strategic changes.

Technological changes refer to the change in the technology being implemented in the production or in the services being offered. As the technology is always evolving, companies have to implement newer technologies as new technologies reduce the cost of production and increase the profitability as it will result in higher rate of production.

Structural changes are the changes to the structure of an organization. This change can be both internal as well as external to the organization. Internally, structural change will include changing the overall way in which the activities are done, which can include the change in the processes or departments, the way they function, merging two or more departments into one department., etc. External changes include changing the logo, changing the brand, branding strategy, changing the image of the product, changing the price, changing the package, etc. All these factors are external factors.

Changing the attitudes and behaviors of personnel are the changes that are needed to be made for the purpose of changing the attitude, increasing the employees’ awareness about the organization, etc.  With the advent of new technologies, the personnel need to learn new things in order to keep up with the rest of the industry. All these things constitute change in the attitudes and behaviors of personnel.

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Change Management Assignment Help

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