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Every year thousands of mechanical engineers apply for skilled migration to Australia but many of the applications get rejected as their applications do not contain professionally constructed and written Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). HelpWithAssignment gives you the proper guidance and writing assistance that you need to present an impressive and professional CDR.

Scope of Mechanical Engineers in Australia

According to the Engineers Australia the ANZSCO Code for Mechanical Engineering is 233512. Australian economy is growing exponentially with spectacular boom in Mechanical engineering sector. Mechanical Engineers with relevant experience are in greater demand in Australia.

Australian Government has opened skilled migration visas for Mechanical Engineers to reduce the serious shortage of Mechanical engineers, and to overcome the delay in projects. This has resulted in a great demand of Mechanical Engineers in Australia.

The minimum entry requirement for these occupations is a bachelor degree or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.

Mechanical Engineering Professionals (ANZSCO Skill Level 1) Plan, design, organize and oversee the assembly, erection, operation and maintenance of mechanical and process plant and installations. Registration or licensing may be required. Mechanical Engineers may have specialization as an Air-conditioning Engineer or Heating and Ventilation Engineer.

Required Job Tasks for Mechanical Engineers (ANZSCO Code: 233512)

  • Studying functional statements, organizational charts and project information to determine functions and responsibilities of workers and work units and to identify areas of duplication
  • Establishing work measurement programs and analyzing work samples to develop standards for labor utilization
  • Analyzing workforce utilization, facility layout, operational data and production schedules and costs to determine optimum worker and equipment efficiency
  • Designing mechanical equipment, machines, components, products for manufacture, and plant and systems for construction
  • Developing specifications for manufacture, and determining materials, equipment, piping, material flows, capacities and layout of plant and systems
  • Organizing and managing project labor and the delivery of materials, plant and equipment
  • Establishing standards and policies for installation, modification, quality control, testing, inspection and maintenance according to engineering principles and safety regulations
  • Inspecting plant to ensure optimum performance is maintained
  • Directing the maintenance of plant buildings and equipment, and coordinating the requirements for new designs, surveys and maintenance schedules

For Mechanical Engineers it is of primary importance to know that for which category they would like to assess their engineering qualification from Engineers Australia.

Many Mechanical Engineers find it difficult to define in which engineering category they fall under. To help you define the engineering category that best defines your engineering qualifications we have given below the engineering categories recognized by Engineers Australia.

  • Engineering Manager
  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate

To recognize your Engineering qualification in Australia, you need to assess your qualification/ degree through Engineers Australia. There are two pathways to assess your qualifications. If your Engineering Qualification is recognized by Washington Accord, Dublin Accord or Sydney Accord, then you need not to prepare Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). In other case you need to write Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to assess your Engineering degree and finally to apply for Skilled Migration of Australia.

CDR Writing for Mechanical Engineers Australia

English Proficiency Test

Minimum English requirement for your Engineering Degree Assessment through Engineers Australia is overall 6.0 band in IELTS or any equivalent English proficiency test (e.g. Cambridge/ TOFEL, etc.). Your band should not be less than 6.0 in any of the four modules; reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Both General Training and Academic version of the IELTS are acceptable.

Applicants who are native English speakers or who have completed an Australian undergraduate engineering qualification, or who have completed a Masters Degree or PhD program at an Australian university may be exempted from IELTS.

Documents Required to be submitted

Following documents are required to assess your engineering degree through Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) pathway:

  • Application Form (Available at the Engineers Australia website)
  • Declarations Page
  • Three Career Episodes (CE)
  • Update Latest Resume
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) Report
  • Summary Statement (SS)
  • IELTS Results
  • Certified Academic Transcripts and Experience Letters

Approximate Time Taken for Assessment Process

Engineering degree assessment process may take up to 16 weeks from the date of receipt, however the time period keeps varying depending upon the work load.

Points to Remember While Writing your CDR

The fundamentals of writing a professional CDR include:

  • You must have clear understanding of report purpose
  • You need to provide all necessary information for the reader as mentioned in the EA guidelines
  • Write in language and style that is approved by Australian Standards

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing your CDR

  1. Any extra details which are not required by Engineers Australia such as irrelevant personal information
  2. Including what your previous employer or team has done
  3. Mention the history of your company
  4. Writing about market size and position of your company
  5. Giving unsubstantial proof of your knowledge or skills

Instead of involving in unnecessary details only provide information that is required by Engineers Australia, including:

  • Information about your role in projects
  • Proof of your skills based on results
  • Details related to the competencies

Preparing Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Once you have decided your category, the next important thing to consider is the preparation of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Mostly people don’t know necessary requirements for preparing CDR. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) have following components;

  • Career Episodes (Three)
  • Summary Statement (One)
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD)
  • Professional Resume

Career Episodes (CEs) are based on your projects that you have completed during Engineering qualification or on the job. Each career episode is sub-divided into four sections:

Introduction: 50 words

  • Dates and duration of the project or appointment you are writing about
  • Name of employing organisation and location of worksite
  • Title of the position you occupied

Background: 200 – 500 words

  • Nature and objectives of the overall engineering project
  • Nature of your particular work area
  • An organisation chart highlighting your position

Personal Mechanical Engineering Activity: 500 – 1000 words

  • Detailed description of the work you performed personally
  • Technical details of the work
  • How you applied your engineering knowledge and skills
  • The tasks delegated to you and how you went about accomplishing them
  • Any particular engineering problems you encountered and how you solved them
  • Strategies you devised, including any original or creative design work
  • How you worked with other team members

Summary Statement (SS): 50 – 100 words

  • Your view of the overall project (brief summary)
  • How well the project succeeded in meeting its goals and requirements
  • How your personal role contributed to the project

You must analyze each paragraph by keeping in mind that it provides necessary information to the assessors and help them to judge your capability to qualify for Skilled Migration.

Write your report in Australian English. The Engineers Australian “dialect” for writing career episode reports is a prescriptive writing style. It has the following characteristics:

  • Writing style is personal with “I” as a must word.
  • Write in active voice. Like I planned, I calculated, I measured, I obtained feedback, I researched
  • Must be clear and simple
  • Avoid unsubstantial claims. Write on facts and details.
  • Only include engineering competencies and experience.
  • Don’t provide excessive calculations or heavy pictures

The bottom line is while writing CDR you must question yourself that whether your writing is going to benefit assessors to judge your abilities. Just focus on above points and you will be able to write productive effective and professional CDR.

HelpWithAssignment is helping mechanical engineers from all over the world to prepare winning Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Successful CDR Writing Services for Mechanical Engineering Disciplines are available at very economical price that will help improve your chances at getting a positive assessment.

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