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Get Instant Help From 5000+ Experts For

We always have roles for talented individuals. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for sending us your application or resume, detailing the kind of work that you consider yourself to be an expert at. The selection process is rigorous with actual live task(s) being given to test the capabilities of the tutors.

To become an online tutor with us the minimum eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Masters or PhD Degree holder in the subject
  • Work/Teaching Experience of over 2 years
  • Excellent communication and articulation skills

Current Team:

Currently we have a blistering team of PhD professors, MBA corporate leaders, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, professionals working in reputed companies, writers, bloggers, teachers, engineers, mathematicians, historians and scientists spread across more than 17 countries and seven continents. The quality of our subject matter experts are ascertained through various tests as we try to maintain a certain quality among our team. The current team of subject matter experts, irrespective of their backgrounds, often bring a good vibe in the team. It is true that we mostly welcome experienced members in our team but in case you’re for say suppose pursuing PhD and have fervour to write/teach, then also we are ready to give you a chance. Many of our head subject matter experts actually started working with us as students pursuing Masters or PhD but it is their zeal and quality which helped us to stay associated with them for over a decade now. Below is the background of few of our head assignment experts.

Backgrounds of our Assignment Experts:

  • A former lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science, our head accounting assignment expert holds a PhD in Management Accounting. After joining our league of online accounting assignment experts, he has also being associated with a corporate as a financial advisor.
  • Equipped with a PhD in thermodynamics our head chemical engineering assignment expert he is currently employed with Dow Chemical Company. Having a keen research oriented writing style he is passionate about helping students with their chemical engineering assignment help.
  • Currently working as an Actuary Analyst at a leading insurance company, our head economics assignment expert likes to keep in touch with his academic side. Himself being a straight “A” student from Harvard, holds the reputation of providing economics solutions to students which are always graded A by their respective professors.
  • Equipped with a PhD from Delta College in Auditing ERP and Risk, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, our head ERP expert is associated with us for more than 8 years.
  • Having worked as a journalist our head online English essay writing expert has more than 7 years of experience as a professional academic writer. She has the capability to combine hands-on experience with research and theoretical knowledge to deliver high-quality and error free essays.
  • Currently working as a senior financial statement analyst in a reputed accounting firm in Chicago, our ratio analysis expert is associated with us for more than 9 years now. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject has helped many students to get top grades in their assignments.
  • Equipped with a PhD on “Employee Retention Crisis in Branded Fast Food Chains” our head human resource management expert is a part time lecturer at a prominent B-school in New York. She has been associated with us for more than 8 years and has helped several students to achieve great marks and get a grasp on the subject.
  • After completing his masters from Massachusetts Institute of Technologyor head Java programming expert is currently working with a renowned global bank in their software up-gradation project based on Java J2EE coding. He runs his own software development firm in New York and is assisting us with the java programming assignments for the past 8 years.
  • Equipped with a PhD in Effects of Brand-Repositioning on Consumer Behavior, our lead marketing assignment expert is a guest lecturer at the Kellogg’s Business School. With his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market segments and consumer behavior, she is indeed one of the best marketing assignment experts in the industry and HelpWithAssignment boasts her association as a marketing assignment expert for more than 8 years now.
  • Equipped with a DNP degree from the University of Edinburgh or head nursing assignment expert is now a guest lecturer at a top university at Queensland, Australia. She is associated with us for over a decade now and as a nursing educator has helped many students get their nursing degrees with distinction.
  • Equipped with a PhD on the Application of Lean Manufacturing system in the FMCG industry, our head operations management tutor is now a guest lecturer at a top university in Michigan. He has been associated with us for more than 6 years now and holds the repute for giving excellent support in your operations management and project management assignments.
  • Equipped with a PhD in Higher-order Software Design Conflicts our head computer programming tutor is now associated with a top university in California. His expertise has helped many students over the years since he joined us 6 years ago.
  • Holding two PhDs in different topics concerning the consumer market our head research and dissertation expert has authored two books on research paper writing and effectiveness of footnotes. She is associated with us for more than 7 years and along with other dissertation writing experts she has many students.
  • A guest lecturer in a renowned biotechnology university in Japan our head biotechnology assignment expert is equipped with a PhD in microbiology and cell biology. He is associated with us for more than 7 years and has helped students with their biotechnology assignments.
  • The author of two books , our Research Proposal writer used to be a guest lecturer at Columbia Business School, United States. Apart from writing and lecturing on Marketing Management in different B-Schools across New York, she is also associated with us for more than 6 years now.
  • Currently pursuing PhD in Handling Fiscal deficit in a changing market our top rated taxation assignment expert is an alumnus of Harvard Business School. He is associated with us for than 7 years and has gained reputation for providing assistance in taxation assignment.
  • Working on her PhD on decision problems she is well versed in the field of statistical assignment writing and is proficient in all the methods of citation followed by the leading institutes. Her well researched and lucid assignment writing style has helped many students to understand the concepts of stats easily.

What We Look For in a New Candidate?

  • Outstanding academic and professional background with a knack of teaching and helping college and university level assignments.
  • Proficiency in English as per American and British standards.
  • Accustomed with the academic jargons with a habit of reading/writing academic papers.
  • Ability to find time and scope to work on academic papers.

For assignment help and review, an additional skill in excellent writing skills is required. So, if you consider yourself to have these, please send in your application (resume, cover letter) to

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WhenI was handed over a data filled excel sheet to analyze as a part of theassignment, then I had no idea what to do and how to approach. I kept onthinking as the deadline kept on getting nearer. Then one of my seniors incollege told me about HwA and that is how I first approached them. Theexperience was fantastic as the experts here found out definitive trends andmade sense out of that sheet. They also helped me with the writing the analysisand I got good grades. 

Sam Coughman Essay: , Deadline:

Sam Coughman

HwAturned me into a chemistry lover from a chemistry hater. It was in my finalyears of my high school when I first took their help with my chemical compoundsassignments and how I am doing my B.E. in Chemical Engineering and still takingtheir help in the matter. 

Jamie Reed Essay: , Deadline:

Jamie Reed

During my final year at my nursing school I wasgiven an assignment on the steps to deal with the issue of ineffective airwayclearance of post thyroidectomy patients. Obviously, I did not have much ideabut when I approached the endocrine assignment expert here at HwA she guided mewith the nursing interventions along with medical rationales which again helpedme to gain good grades. 

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Sue Hannaford

Overall for this assignment I got a very good mark! The teacher was blow away by how much detail was included in the assignment. Thank you very much!

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George Kevin

I work in a consultancy firm from where I plannedto do my MBA in correspondence from a reputed University of New Zealand. SinceI chose marketing as my main stream, I got plenty of help on all my assignmentsfrom the experts from New Zealand, through HwA. 

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Joshua Harris

1.      I am studying macroeconomics in one of the topinstitutes in London. I never thought i would be facing so much troubledistinguishing between macroeconomics and microeconomics. But’s econ expert tutors with their extensive knowledge inthe subject and years of experience have made studying so much easier for menow! Best thing is I can chat with my online Economics tutor and get the statusof the assignment instantly.” 

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Nikhil Aggarwal

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