Visual Basic Assignment Help

Visual Basic Assignment Help

Visual Basic has become one of the world’s most popular event-driven programming languages. An event-driven programming language is one that responds to events- clicking a button, selecting an item from a list, tabbing out of a control and so on.

Event-driven languages like Visual Basic are built using one or more forms. On these one places a variety of controls and attach code or all of them to suit the purpose of the program.
The main reasons for the transition from C, C++ and Pascal to Visual Basic occurred because, earlier in C and C++ a Graphical User Interface design was much harder when compared to that in Visual Basic. In C and C++ the programmer had to actually write the code for the slightest movement of cursor and this code could go from few pages to a many pages. But, this was problem was solved by Visual Basic, as the code for many actions were already written down. The user or the programmer had to just ‘drag and drop’ the function that was required and everything else was done by Visual Basic’s back-end code.

So, this way the user could concentrate on other important things in the program, there by reducing the time taken to complete the task and there is another side to it. The default functions were accurate enough to be used again and again.

Visual Basic is not only a programming language but also a complete graphical development environment. Visual Basic’s main selling point is the ease with which it allows the user to create a nice looking, graphical programs with little coding by the programmer, unlike many other languages that may take hundreds of lines of code.

The main objcet of a Visual Basic is called Form. This form will eventually be incorporated into the program as a window. To this form one adds controls.

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