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Top 5 Tips For Writing A Master Dissertation

By HWA | Publish On: July 26, 2013 | Posted In:

A master dissertation, as the name suggests is the dissertation written by students pursuing their masters or post graduate degree in a particular subject. Writing a dissertation is the final step towards completion of the masters or post graduation degree. This is also the most important event in the whole of the post graduation study, lasting for about 2 years, generally.

It is not an easy task to write dissertation for the masters. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to do it. A dissertation is a window of opportunity to show your knowledge and skills in your particular area of study. A dissertation also shows that you can put forward necessary effort in research which plays a crucial part of the dissertation itself.

Your dissertation can showcase your skill in the particular area or areas that you choose to do your research in. When you want to do a research in one particular area, you will also aim to obtain certain set of results which either proves an assumption or not. Apart from this, your dissertation can also result in drawing conclusions, making recommendations based upon the results of your study. These recommendations have a great role to play  for future generations, because another student, in the future would take up research on the recommendations that you might put forward.

Tips for Writing A Master Dissertation

Here are some tips that can be very useful for you while writing your master dissertation.

Start early: There are no hard and fast rules that state what is the right time to start writing your dissertation paper. In fact, it is recommended that soon after you begin your research you start writing your dissertation paper. By doing so, you’ll be able to note down all the important and relevant steps that you have been taking in the research. You might want to do this on a weekly basis because, for the whole week starting from Monday to Friday you could do your research and in the weekends, you can write the rough work of dissertation. In this way, you’ll have a record of each and every week during the research period. In order to be more effective, note down each and every step of the research on a daily basis, so that you’ll not miss out on even the smallest things. Sometimes, even the smallest things can matter a lot in research and dissertation.

Actual dissertation report: After writing the rough dissertation and reading it regularly, you’ll know what kind of mistakes have been made and correct them accordingly. When you start writing the actual dissertation, you’ll have to make sure that the dissertation work is divided into parts which include the Title Page, Abstract, Contents Page, Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Findings or Results, Discussion or Interpretation of Results, Conclusion, References and Appendices. When you start your research and after reading some of the prior research papers, you’ll know what to do.

Maintain a neutral position all the times: As a person who is conducting research, you must be neutral towards the hypothesis, the research, the results and the interpretation of those results. It is important that you should neither fully believe in the hypothesis nor fully disregard it. Being in either of these extreme positions can come in your way of making clear judgment of interpreting the results. You must not associate with the hypothesis before the research. This association can reflect during the discussion of results. So you must remain neutral all the time.

Knowledge of literature review and prior research: Your dissertation can gain weightage if your literature review presents a wide view about the subject. It’s not just about mentioning the facts or to fill pages, but it is an important step because it shows that you’ve left no stone unturned while reading the subject.

Submit your dissertation even if the results are inconsistent with the hypothesis: If you think that the results of the research are inconsistent with the initial hypothesis, you can still submit the dissertation. But before you submit the dissertation, you can talk to your professor on the changes to be made in the dissertation report about the changes. Such a dissertation can have its value in the future because another research group can cite your work, saying that this method is not viable, thanks to the prior research done (your research).

These are some of the tips that can be helpful to you during your research and the preparation of the dissertation. For more details visit our website at

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