Tips for fun summer Learning

Tips for fun summer Learning

Summer is the time for break and vacation. It’s a time for some fun. It’s the time when parents and children can spend quality time together. But, wherever we go, parents should not forget the after-effects of summer holidays on children’s education.

Research shows that students lose a month of academic achievement over the summer months. That means that they retain 8 months of information from a typical 9 month school year. For math and spelling, they may lose 2.6 months. Students retain only about 2/3 of the information they learned in these subjects.

Parents have to make sure that children shouldn’t loose touch of studies even during summer, of course occasionally. Make it twice or thrice a week. This way they’ll not loose interest in studies and they’ll fare well the next year as they will remember all those basics which are essential for higher standards.

  • Learn the fun way: Let the children learn the fun way. This way they’ll not feel burdened and ensures that children learn something. Encourage them to watch educational channels, which improve their overall knowledge.
  •  Engage them an online tutor: Engaging an online tutor during summer would be a better idea. As it is, children will be wasting their time unnecessarily and if they attend online tutoring sessions more during summer vacation, they can study well and learn the subjects which they will be learning in the coming academic year. So, in this way children can spend their time with their friends and playing and doing activities and at the same time they if they study they will be thorough with the subjects in advance and they will definitely score well in the exams. If hard subjects like Math and Science are covered like this, the burden on children will be reduced drastically, and in the coming year they can concentrate on other subjects which they didn’t quite do well in the previous year.
  •  Give them fun activities: Give them fun activities which involve education. Make the activities interactive as children can loose interest. Don’t let them loose interest in the subject. Say for example, you give them small activities in science, they’ll get interest in the subject. So they’ll work hard and perform better.
  •  Let them improve their writing skills by asking them write on their daily activities. This will not only improve their writing skills but also, improve their memory.
  •  Learning is important: No matter what learning is important to children, even during the summer. Study during summer will make them remember the basics and helps them do well.

By applying these techniques parents can make sure that their children are in touch of their academics and are prepared for the coming academic year.

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