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Nursing is a branch of Medical Science. It is a service oriented science where people suffering from any disease, disorder and/or any medical condition are taken good care of and brought back to normal health. The profession of nursing is one of the highly regarded professions today.

Nursing as a profession came to limelight when an educated woman named Florence Nightingale took care of injured soldiers during the Crimean war. Soon the profession was accepted by many and it evolved into its present form.

The aim of nursing professionals worldwide is to provide quality care for all, while maintaining credentials, code of ethics, standards and competencies and continuing their education. The path of becoming a nurse may vary from country to country but the core remains the same. Providing quality care for all.

The basic and the most important concepts in nursing are: Nursing Administration or Forensic Nursing, Nursing and Medical ScienceAcute Care, Neonatal care, Gerontology, Pediatric, Midwifery, Mental Health and Anesthesia, Nursing Principles, Patient care, Medical terminologies, Investigative assignments, Palliative care, Preventive medicine, Surgical, Anatomy, General Physiology, Case study, Review of journal articles, Clincal terminology, Acute Care, Pediatric care, Nursing Concepts, Oncology, Clinical terminology, Adult Nursing Principles of rehabilitation, Diabetic Nursing, Bacteriology, Smoking addiction, Alcohol addiction, Alcoholism Community, Nursing, Surgery care, Pre operative care, Intensive Care, Child care, Histology, Virology.

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