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How To Write Methodology In Thesis?

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: March 6, 2024 | Posted In:

The methodology section of the thesis writing is highly critical. It showcases the details of the research methods you have selected to collect and analyze your data. This part should be so clear, concise, and detailed that other researchers will be able to replicate it, especially when you are thinking how to write methodology in master thesis. In this in-depth instructional blog post, we will learn the procedures and top recommendations for writing the research methodology section that will guarantee that your investigation is credible.

methodology in thesis

The methodology chapter is the most important and the key to a thesis. It brings an ideational topic to life, indicating how every step of the research question can be realized. A good methodology section can ensure that you separate reproducible and credible techniques from anecdotal observations. This guide will help you approach the methodology chapter in your thesis most effectively and, in case of any doubts, explain how to make your methods as transparent and reproducible as possible.

Exploring the purpose of the methodology chapter

Before embarking on how to write methodology chapter in thesis, be sure you have a deep understanding of its purpose. It is not only a list of methods but an explanation advocating the method you have opted for. Whether it is a methodology chapter for a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, the chapter should be informative enough to clarify your research methodology, why you picked it in the first place, and how they are reliable. It should distinctly address the research questions.

Writing about your Research Design

Research methodology develops around the research design, which is the foundational element of the methodology chapter. It works as a framework for your study, indicating the arrangement and tools you used in your quest to answer your questions. Whether you are contemplating how to write methodology in a master thesis or a Ph.D. dissertation, it is imperative to start this section by clarifying your research paradigm: either qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods.

  • Qualitative Research Design:
    If you are devoted to a qualitative thesis, explain why the qualitative approach serves a better understanding of the situation being investigated. When complex processes, exceptionally diverse perspectives, and new theories are explored, qualitative research has a lot to offer. It is a suitable tool for studies for which the numeric data cannot answer sufficient research questions. As another example, if a thesis were to examine the lived realities of individuals directly affected by a particular policy change, the qualitative type of design should propose qualitative tools such as in-depth interviews or focus groups, which may generate more profound and narrative data.
  • Quantitative Research Design:
    On the other hand, the qualitative theses should clearly state how the approach employed will aid in testing hypotheses or establishing a relationship between the variables. The distinctive feature of quantitative research is that researchers employ structured tools like surveys or experiments to collect quantifiable data rather than opinions or perspectives. The data will then be processed through statistical tools to establish objective conclusions. Underline that this technique can be efficiently used for quantifying the degrees, divergence, or reasons for the phenomenon you are examining.
  • Mixed-Methods Research Design:
    If your thesis uses qualitative and quantitative strategies to achieve your research goal, state your reason for combining the two methods. The mixed-method approach, which offers a holistic picture, allows gathering environmental data qualitatively and quantitatively. Specify how you merge the methods to comprehensively answer the research problem that could not have been done with each method alone.

Outline The Data Collection Methods You Employed

This section is where you get into the specifics of your data collection, one of the fundamental and interesting aspects of a methodology paragraph. Doing this will ensure the credibility of your study, as other researchers can easily replicate the process after reading your paper.


  1. Report if your research was about doing surveys.
  2. Meanwhile, explain the way questionnaire design is done considering the types of questions, for instance, open-ended and closed-ended, and their connection to the different research objectives.
  3. Describe the criteria for selecting the target population and your survey method (for instance, random sampling or specific sampling).
  4. Also, mention where the survey was distributed (online channels, face-to-face, and so  on) and the procedures used to ensure maximum response rates.


When it comes to research that involves experimental methods, detail all your experimental templates; this involves describing the control and experimental groups (if applicable), the variables investigated (the independent, dependent, and control variables), and the methods used to establish the credibility and reliability of the experiment. Give details about the interventions and standardizations applied to /for the experimental tools and equipment.

In these two cases, stress your conduct of the data collection, which is aligned with your research design and questions. The aim is to pursue a coherent and methodological precision so that another scientist can pursue the same project based on your description of the methodology. By adhering to the how to write methodology in thesis guidelines, you make the research methodology a stable base to stand on and ensure that you follow all the standards of academic ethics and thoroughness.

Elaborate On Your Data Analysis Techniques

The next step in how to write methodology in master thesis is to use the collected data; this part of the methodology chapter describes how the collected data have been appropriately classified and analyzed. If you did your statistical analysis, state the tests you applied and why they were suitable for your specific data. For qualitative data, tell us how you created themes or categories from the data through coding. Additionally, this part should be supplemented with names of the software or tools you used for the mentioned analysis process.

Addressing Ethical Considerations

Ethical consideration is the ethical aspect that needs to be mentioned frequently in the methodology type. Describe in detail how you obtained informed consent, protected the subjects’ privacy, and ensured that all study subjects, including research subjects, were treated ethically. In this way, not only does your study get credit, but it also falls under the broader ethical norms of academic research.


Producing a methodology section of your thesis is as tedious as challenging. By gaining a thorough understanding about how to write methodology in thesis, you can craft a distinct and smooth procedure outline, starting from design to data analysis. By following the clear instructions in this article, you will be on your way to writing a chapter that will support your thesis and add to the field of study. We hope you have gained good information about how to write methodology chapter in thesis.

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