Marketing Orientation

Marketing Orientation

Marketing Orientation Marketing

Before we discuss about Market Orientation, we need to know what marketing concept is.
Marketing concept emerged in mid-1950s and challenged its preceding concepts like the selling concept, the product concept and the production concept. These concepts owe their origin to industrial revolution where the manufacturer would produce and the people used to buy. The production concept, the product concept and the selling concept have one thing in common, the product is already produced and there the right customers have to be captured.

But, in the marketing concept the customer’s needs are taken into account and the products are designed and produced keeping in mind the customer’s needs and preferences. In simple terms the customer is asking for a particular product and the producer is producing it.
Now that we know what Marketing concept is, let’s try and understand the Market Orientation concept.

Marketing Orientation Help

Market Orientation is the implementation of the Marketing concept. In this approach the market is led by the customer and the producers have to follow suit. Understanding customers’ needs and wants is not always an easy task. Some customers have needs that they are not fully aware of. And even when the customers are asking about their needs, they are asking for concrete solutions to their problems and not frugal solutions. A distinction has to be drawn between responsive marketing, anticipative marketing and creative marketing. A responsive marketer finds the stated need and fills it. An anticipative marketer anticipates or foresees a need and gets ready with a product for the near future. And a creative marketer is the one who discovers and produces solutions customers did not ask for but to which they enthusiastically respond.

Studies have shown that those companies which have seriously implemented the marketing concept have achieved superior performance.

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