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Human Resources Time Management

By HWA | Publish On: August 19, 2011 | Posted In:

Human Resources Time Management

Time management is considered as one of the most important skills in business. It is essentially about spending the hours and minutes in a day as effectively as possible. Like many areas of business life, good time management is a combination of common sense, with some basic techniques and gaining experience over time in developing good working habits.

One question that people often ask is, “why time management should be known”? The answer is very simple. As organizations pay employees money for their time, each unit of time costs money. So, employees hold the responsibility of spending their organization’s money wisely. One thing that not only employees but everyone has to think about is that time once past cannot be brought back. So, every employee in an organization has to make sure that time is not wasted on unproductive issues.

The knowledge of time management which includes how to plan a work and how to tackle it effectively has a lot of benefits. It will increase the productivity at workplace and one can spend less time in making up for lost time. By employing smart work techniques one can reduce the amount of time taken for the work and then spend the remaining time thinking about how to produce better results. This will make the day much more rewarding and stress-free.

The steps that help in achieving efficient time management

  • Make a to-do list: One of the first steps that one can in time management is to make a to-do list of things that need to be done. This list should prioritize the work on the basis of urgent and not so urgent. It is a simple but effective ways to improving work.
  • Review your action list and set priorities: After the to-do list is prepared and followed, allot some time to review your work every time you complete any work. This will reduce the time taken for reviewing your work later on and improves your efficiency as the work gets improved.
  • Evaluate your own goals: To understand what priorities should be, evaluate your goals, define the objectives to reach them and the steps or actions needed to fulfill them.
  • Make space for new responsibilities: If a new work is given to you which is an urgent work, then reschedule your to-do list to accommodate the present work and complete the work on a priority basis.
  • Break rocks into pebbles: As there are number jobs in a to-do list, break them into smaller jobs or works so that you can work on them in small time gaps and complete the task. This is better for things which can be done in some time say 2 or 3 days or a week.
  • Delegate your work: Delegation of work is another way to increasing efficiency. By delegating work one can concentrate on important things which need more attention or things that need your present attention.
  • Avoid time wasting situations: There are many time wasting situations in an office today. One such time wasting situation is taking breaks. Breaks can be taken but, taking breaks for a longer period of time will reduce the efficiency at work. There are other situations such as when the superior is not available, etc.

These some of the ways in which time can be managed efficiently.

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