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Training Human Resources

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Human Resources Management – Training Human Resources

In today’s competitive world, every organization has to adapt to new changes in order to stay ahead in the competition. The changes include the way many operations are performed in an organization. These include some of the simplest things to the some of the most advanced things such as implementation of a new technology, etc. For this reason, training is an ongoing process in any organization.

Training is the process by which people acquire capabilities to perform new operations or jobs and also perform old operations in a more efficient way. Training provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their present jobs. The skills that are taught at organizational level include “hard skills” and “soft skills”. Hard skills include teaching new technologies and new techniques to employees. Where as soft skills include communication, mentoring, managing meetings, team work, etc.

Training and HR

The most common training topics include among others, safety, customer service, computer skills, quality initiatives, dealing with sexual harassment and communication. Training employees comes with many benefits as research suggests. These benefits include enhanced skills, greater ability to adapt and innovate, better self-management and performance improvement. Research has shown that organizations which provide adequate training to their employees brings improvements in effectiveness and productivity, more profitability and reduced costs, improved quality and increased social capitol.

Competitiveness and Training in an Organization

Many of the top companies in the world have recognized the importance of training their employees and managers. These companies have recognized that training is integral to the success of the business. The rapid in change in technological innovation have made it a compulsion for companies to train their employees on new technologies so that they would not fall behind in the competition. When employees of an organization fall behind, it is the company that is ultimately loosing.

There is a need for continuous training for the staff members which will develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. Employee training is also essential for retention of employees. The biggest reason for a change in job by many employees is career development opportunities. If the employees find career development opportunities in the present company itself, they would not move from the organization. Thereby the cost of layoff is reduced to minimum.

Performance Integration with Training

Integration of job performance, training, and employee learning needs to be done, in order to make them effective. The HR plays a crucial role in this integration. Some organizations that use real business problems have been very successful in optimally training their employees when compared to companies that use traditional methods. Today, many organizations are making sure that the training that they provide is very practical. It is in the sense that companies offering real business problems enhance the authenticity of training and make very realistic and interesting.

Training for Global Assignment

With the advent of multinationals, many companies from foreign origin are entering into the industry. And at the same time, national companies are entering international boundaries. In order that a person from a foreign country converses freely, without any issue, cross-cultural training is provided to employees. This cross-cultural training is very important because employees with training and experience in the technical aspects could not understand the host country’s culture. This can pose a threat to the company’s future.

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