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Five Cs of Marketing

By HWA | Publish On: May 10, 2010 | Posted In:

Five Cs of Marketing

Before we start discussing about the Five Cs of marketing, lets know about the situation in which these are studied. The need where the study the 5 Cs of marketing arises is called Situation Analysis.

Situation Analysis is study of current market or industry in which a company wants to launch a new product. In order to launch a new product, a company first needs to study the market about certain things like how many products of that particular industry are present in the market, what is their average cost of producing the product, what is their average profit expectancy, what is the gestation gap between investment and the product being released in the market, who are our competitors and what is their individual market share. All these kind of questions arise when a new product is being launched into the market.

So, a quick SWOT analysis will reveal where do we stand in the market and what strategy should be adapted in order to grab a Lion’s share in the market. SWOT analysis means the analysis of Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats.

The Five Cs are
· Company
· Collaborators
· Customers
· Competitors
· Climate or Context

· Product line
· Image in the market
· Technology and experience
· Culture
· Goals

· Distributors
· Suppliers
· Alliances

· Market size and growth
· Market segments
· Benefits that customer is seeking, tangible and intangible
· Motivation behind purchase; value drivers, benefits vs. costs
· Decision maker or decision-making unit
· Retail channel- where does the customer actually purchase the product?
· Consumer information sources – where does the consumer obtain information about the product?
· Buying process; is it impulsive or careful evaluation
· Frequency of purchase, seasonal factors
· Quantity purchased at a time
· Trends- how consumers’ needs and preferences change over time

· Actual or potential
· Direct or indirect
· Products
· Positioning
· Market shares
· Strengths and weaknesses

Climate or context
· Political and regulatory environment — governmental policies and regulations that affect the market.
· Economic Environment — business cycles, inflation rate, interest rates and other issues of economic nature
· Social and cultural environment – society’s trends and fashions
· Technological environment — new knowledge that makes possible new ways of satisfying needs, the impact of technology on the demand for existing products.

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