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How to Conclude an Essay: 11 Tips to Help You Score A+ Grade

By HWA | Publish On: February 21, 2019 | Posted In:

One of the most important things that students tend to overlook while writing an essay is the conclusion of the essay. It is important to note that all the parts of an essay are equally important, the reasons are just different and nothing else. The conclusion of your essay can make or break your essay. The conclusion is supposed to sum up all your arguments, all the points that you discussed in the body of the essay. The conclusion is like a good dessert, putting an end to a wonderful meal. If the dessert is bad in taste, then the taste of the wonderful meal also goes awry.

In this article, we will discuss various kinds of essay conclusion examples, which are meant to trigger the curious minds of our readers. Read on to find out what those examples are and how you can incorporate them in your writing.

Tips to Write Essay Conclusion

essay conclusion


Argumentative essays are a popular choice for most college students and other essay writers. They talk about things that would create and change how we handle different life situations. Coming up with good argumentative essay conclusion examples is very easy. Take a look at some of these ideas:

Topic 1: Why Should We Abolish Tobacco Smoking?

We were taught from an early age that the body is the temple of the Lord. So, it this is the case, then why are we destroying our bodies. Smoking Tobacco is not only damaging to your lungs, but it’s also considered a disgusting and disturbing practice.

Topic 2: What Are The Health Dangers Of Legalizing Prostitution?

Of course, legalizing prostitution is tempting. It’s also a quick way for men and women to get paid by tapping into people’s sexual desires. But it comes with various health risks from HIV/AIDS to sexually transmitted diseases. Making it legal would merely condemn a society to immorality, cultural erosion and a sad end to a promising generation.


The primary objective of a persuasive essay is to convince its readers. When writing such an article, you’ll need to state your entire opinion and then come up with supporting evidence. These examples are what convince your audience to believe in your argument. Most importantly, you need to end your essay on a high note. To assist you, below is a list of persuasive essay conclusion examples:

Topic 1: What Is The Primary Challenge in Using Social Media Websites?

We all love to browse through Facebook posts, and Twitter feeds, and it’s quite exciting too. The Joy that comes with talking with friends from different countries is exhilarating. But we need to be careful. It’s like the old English saying, “too much of anything is poisonous.”

Topic 2: How Are We Nurturing The Competitiveness Of Our Kids If We Reward Everyone In Class With A Trophy?

Let us start nurturing kids who can handle the adverse challenges that come with life. The time has come to a stop hiding them behind the promise of a better tomorrow. We need to teach them how to handle the present! So, when you students fail in an exam, don’t lavish them with gifts. Instead, take away their toys and encourage more reading. They may not love it now, but they’ll be thankful in the future.


As a student, your professor may require you to provide an analysis of a book or movie. How do you go about this? Well, all you need to know is that an analytical essay gives informative observations concerning different topics and ideas. To nail down a fantastic essay, you’ll need to have a firm conclusion. While several students find this challenging, you can give yourself an easy time in college by looking at these analytical essay conclusion examples:

Topic 1: Why Did Ron End Up With Hermione In The Harry Potter Movies And Books?

Harry Potter was apparently the main protagonist of the book and the film. We were, therefore, justified in thinking that he and Hermione would end up together. Instead, the role went to Ron, a boy with no magical gifts, only a ‘big’ heart. The manner in which the author twisted this love story gives all ‘underdogs’ the chance of getting the girl of their dreams.

Topic 2: What Are The Dangers Of Responding Physically Towards Fear?

Fear is something we can neither hide nor run away from. All we have to do is accept and respond accordingly. Even so, nothing good ever comes from turning to blows whenever you feel threatened. Instead, try to settle terms reasonably and only react physically while defending yourself.


Contrast essays show the differences and similarities of two objects. If you’re comparing two products, a reasonable conclusion here helps the reader to decide on the better option. Here are some fruitful contrast essay conclusion examples:

Topic 1: Why Is Better To Study in School Instead Of Homeschooling?

Instead of homeschooling your children, take them to school, and they’ll learn more than you could have taught them while at home. They also get to interact with other kids and forge good relationships which even last to old age. It also helps them to try new co-curricular and sports activities!

Topic 2: Why Have Mothers Become Their Family’s Breadwinners?

Although the father is the family breadwinner, the rise of women in the family setup is slowly rising. Interestingly though, mothers do not want to be better than their husbands, most of them are content with just living happily married lives. However, man is slowly falling short of grace and as the old saying goes, “Time waits for no man.” The world is not waiting for men to change. Instead, it has opted to shift the role fathers to mothers and so far so good!

To conclude, you can see that coming up with suitable essay conclusions is pretty straightforward. If you are well versed with the topic, then it will be easy for you to write a good conclusion on the basis of the points you discussed throughout your essay. Keeping this in mind, write your perfect essay and become the topper of your class. All the best!

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