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An Ultimate Guide for Writing An English Essay

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Essays are a short or long piece of writing that aims at outlining the perspective of the author about a specific topic. It can be formal or informal in nature. The formal essay is academic and deals with serious topics whereas informal essays deal with humorous elements and are more personal in nature. You might be familiar with the essay first at the school level. Students are assigned with English essays at the primary level. These essays are given to develop the writing skills of students in the early stages of education.

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Essays at the university level are quite different from high school and follow a completely different approach. These are categorized into several types and if you are facing challenges in writing an English essay, here are some tips which can help you in writing an essay easily.

Use reliable sources and valid scholastic articles:

Use valid sources and scholastic articles while collecting information. Various websites provide free and genuine information on your topic. Write your essay in a simple language so that your reader doesn’t need to use the oxford dictionary on every line. Simple language makes communication easy.

Check grammar rules:

Students from non-English language backgrounds often tend to commit grammatical and punctuation errors. Such mistakes will ruin the whole essay. So, proofread the essay more than once and eliminate all the grammatical and typo errors. If you are not sure, then you can use online proofreading services to get rid of such mistakes.

Proper referencing and formatting:

Proper referencing and formatting are also an essential part of essay writing. Improper citation and incorrect formatting of your English essay will result in slipping your essay from A grade to C grade. If you are unable to figure out on your own, take the assistance of an expert and they will cite your work from the sources and arrange your essay as per university guidelines.

Types of Essays

Narrative essays:

Narrative essays are written in the first person and the writer tries to involve and engage the reader in the story as much as possible. Readers should get a feeling that they are present at the place where the events are occurring.

Descriptive essays:

As the name suggests, descriptive essays are based on the description. The writer describes the place, event or object or any event from a memory. The writer focuses on evoking the senses of the readers.

Expository essays:

These essays require extensive knowledge and information about the topic. Expository essays demand facts, statistical data, and figures to support the argument or the idea. These are further divided into several categories like compare and contrast essays, cause and effect essays, problem and solution essays, classification essays, process essays, and definition essays.

Persuasive essays:

Persuasive essays are based on arguments and their goal is to make the reader agree with the argument raised by the writer. Here too, the writer brings up facts and data but that is to convince the reader to adhere to your point of view.

Tips for English Essay Writing Format

As we have seen the different types of essays, the next thing is its format. Most of the students take assistance from online sources because they don’t know the right format of the essay. The essay format is not hard to understand. All essays follow a general structure but not a strict format. Here is the structure one must follow while writing an essay in English.


Provide an apt title or heading to your essay. The title should be appealing and eye-catching to pull a mass audience.


The first paragraph of your essay is an introduction. This is the area where the writer provides a description of his/her essay and introduces the reader with the topic. If you are planning to write an essay, you must provide a brief synopsis in this section. The introduction should be catchy and engaging.

Body of the essay

You can’t write anything in the body of the essay. The body is as important as the introduction of the same piece of writing. To make your point of view more convincing, bring the arguments along with supportive evidence and talk with facts and figures. So, always prepare strong evidence to support your argument.


The last paragraph of the essay is the conclusion. Just like the introductory paragraph, you can make it. This is the last chance for you to make an impression on your readers. So, use a statement that leaves a lasting impression in readers’ minds. Try to end it with a question which leaves the reader to think about the essay after completing the reading.

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