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Dissertation Writing Guide

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A dissertation is a document submitted by under graduate, post-graduate and PhD level students in support of candidature for their academic or professional qualification. The students are supposed to fulfill all the requirements like writing the literature review, choosing accurate research methodology, exploring new facts and findings and precisely discussing the original results and outcomes.

Dissertation for a Bachelor’s student varies from that of a Master’s or Doctorate students.

  • Dissertation in under-graduation is a critique of the existing knowledge and look for in-consistencies in viewpoints from different sources and synthesizing arguments.
  • The dissertation in a post-graduation course should be either an assembly of new knowledge or a critique. It should ideally contain propositions that the student must offer in the conclusion
  • In a Ph.D. course, the student must undertake an independent research, collect fresh primary data, present them as factual and conceptual findings, and create new knowledge in the form of model or theory at the end.

Learning abilities and writing skills of students are majorly tested by assigning various types of writing tasks. While evaluating a student’s learning, Dissertations play an important role. Students face a lot of problems while writing dissertations. Students with less experience in writing seek assistance for writing assignments. Under such circumstances, Dissertation writing help will be very helpful for the students. We have a team of writers who are well trained experts in writing dissertations suitable for the requirement.

Tips for writing Dissertation

Writing dissertation is probably the toughest assignment a student ever faces. While writing dissertation, here are the three things to keep in mind:

  1. Think

Dissertation writing task gives you the opportunity to explore your areas of interest. Based on scope of your studies, select a best topic in which you can exhibit creativity, knowledge and expertise.

  1. Research

In the concept of dissertation, exploration and research are completely synonymous. A good dissertation always includes primary data and explores new perspectives.

  1. Plan

As the student is supposed to carry out the whole task individually, plan and structure entire process. Planning will help to focus and complete the task within the timeframe and structure will give your paper a proper direction.   

Problems in finishing dissertations:

  1. The task seems overwhelming

At first every dissertation project looks overwhelming to write. Breaking the project into small, manageable units will make it easier to complete.

  1. There are no clear deadlines

Create deadlines for each day. Work on sub-sections that you can finish in a predictable amount of time.

  1. Being overpowered by negative thoughts

Don’t let your negative thoughts come in the way of writing your dissertation. First silence your internal critic and ignore or repress self-defeating thoughts. Overcome your feelings of inadequacy and get material on paper before you can rework it.

  1. Becoming isolated

If you feel like being isolated, find someone who you can speak to about your writing.

  1. Becoming overly anxious about your mentor’s reactions

Never worry about the reaction of your mentor. Write dissertation the way you planned. Give each chapter to a mentor for comments.

How to finish your dissertation:

  1. Distill your arguments into a single sentence

If you have a clear idea of your dissertation and can explain it in succinctly, then you can write easily. Identify the basic questions and issues you are addressing and how your work relates to contemporary literature.

  1. Set small goals

Don’t take up lot of work at a time. Break down the work into small manageable parts.

  1. Remember the cliché

You are writing a dissertation not a book. So, don’t over think about writing the dissertation.

  1. Avoid mistakes dissertators make

Don’t choose an overly broad and ambitious topic; otherwise you will lose focus. Keep references for every quotation or piece of evidence.

  1. Kinds of research

There are two kinds of research: research on your topic and research relevant to writing. Observe how other scholars handle your topic and their arguments.

  1. Brainstorm, and then organize your ideas

After identifying key ideas, organize them into a structure and work on the ideas one at a time.

  1. Write when you don’t want to write

Write something even when you don’t feel like writing. Analyze some of your evidence or work on literature review. Whatever it may be, don’t stop writing.

  1. Be selfish

Set a preferred time to work on your dissertation project and don’t let anything come in the way which interrupts your work time.

  1. Find a sounding board

Have someone to speak about your writing. Tell this person about your regular accomplishments, your arguments and the challenges you encountered. A sounding board will help you formulate and clarify your ideas. They will also help you make the project more sophisticated, logical and compelling.

If you are having problems in writing your dissertation, we are here to help you. helps students to write their dissertations and guide them throughout their dissertation process.

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