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11 Ideal Fonts for Dissertation Writing |

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Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond, Arial, Verdana, Cambria, Century Gothic, Constantia, and Arial Narrow are some of the ideal fonts for dissertation writing.

What is Dissertation Writing?

In the term – Dissertation writing, the word “Dissertation” has originated from the Latin language where ‘dissertare’ means ‘to debate’. This word was first used in the English language in around 1651 which gave us a definition to write extensively on a certain subject. It is also defined as a long piece of writing on any particular topic which you have studied.

best font for dissertation

In a dissertation writing, the writer should always choose to write with the help of using a clear font like Arial, Times New Roman, etc. They should also set perfect font sizes such are 10 to 12 also the line spacing should be done of 1.15 or 1.5 which is generally accepted as it makes the document appear more neat and tidy and allows the reader to put comments in between.

Mistakes that should be avoided while choosing the Font for dissertation writing:

  • Do not choose fonts on the basis of your personal likes and dislikes. Always the writer should keep in mind that they should choose the font on the basis of the reader’s perspective as it is not easy to go through a 20 pages dissertation with a complex font.
  • Always avoid using too many fonts as the write-ups become too much complicated and is also not considered well organized.
  • All fonts for dissertation do not match or work together, therefore, a student should make sure that they should choose fonts which go along their write up
  • Try separating the fonts of your subtitles and the paragraphs as the same fonts used might make your writing monotonous and boring for the reader.

11 Best Font for Dissertation Writing

Times New Roman: Most common fonts for dissertation

This font was originally designed for Times Newspaper of London. This font has a separate and different aesthetician a formal style that is prescribed or assigned by many universities and colleges. It is also quite easy to read.


This is a serif type font designed by Matthew Carter and was founded by Microsoft Corporation. It was created and released in 1993 and 1996 respectively.


This another font which has a pleasant-looking appearance on dissertation writing and is also considered as an old-style serif typeface which was named for 16th-century Parisian engraver Claude Garamond. This font is very much popular and is used for printing books etc.


This is also a Serif style typeface commissioned by Microsoft which was designed by Steve Matteson, Robin Nicholas and Jelle Bosma in 2004. It is distributed by windows and office.

Century Gothic:

This is also designed in a sans serif typeface style and a geometric style that was released in 1991 by Monotype Imaging. 

Palatino Linotype:

This font was first released in 1949 by Stempel foundry. This serif typeface style font was designed by Hermann Zapf. It has bee also classified as old style font.


This font style is one of the commonly used font styles which is also displayed sometimes as Arial MT. It has been classified as neo-grotesque sans-serif which was released in 1982 and was designed by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders.


This font style is widely used for writing dissertations or any other academic papers as they provide a very cleaned and very simple – smooth look to the paper and also to the eyes of the reader. This was designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft Corporation.


This was designed by John Hudson, a serif style design that was commissioned by Microsoft. The developmental work for this writing began in 2003 and was finally released in 2006

Century schoolbook: Fonts for dissertation

It is again a serif style typeface that was designed by Linn Boyd and Morris F Benton. This belongs to the century writing font family which was released in between 1894-1923.

Arial Narrow:

This is a high style font that is available for free download for personal and commercial use. However, the free version provides all upper case and lower case with some special character and features.

Therefore above are some of the most popularly used ideal fonts for dissertation writing. Times Roman is the most chosen font styles for thesis and dissertation writing but still, it has some common drawbacks as this font was created mostly to create spaces in between the words and letters but according to some professionals, the usage of this font causes overuse of view.

Similarly, Verdana and Arial fonts for dissertation might provide a simple and clear look on the screen but on the paper, it appears a little congested and a little less formal. But still, all of these fonts discussed above are some of the most appropriate fonts which are ideally used in writing a thesis, dissertation, essays or any writing assignment given to a student in college. provides the best quality dissertation help to the students. We have a team of skilled and experienced dissertation writers who have undergone double specialization in related fields. They are capable of writing any kind of dissertation from scratch within no time.

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