51 Ideal Construction Dissertation Topics

51 Ideal Construction Dissertation Topics

Construction management assignments demand much dedication and care. The importance of the construction assignment increases if it is a construction dissertation. You cannot blindly rely on any dissertation writing services for such projects. Construction topics demand specialized experts in the field of civil engineering, construction methods, building regulations, environmental considerations, and many others. 

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From topic selection to the execution of the entire dissertation our construction assignment experts will guide you through every step of your construction assignment project. In the meantime you can browse through some of the construction dissertation topics listed below: 

51 Best Construction Dissertation Topics

  1. Studying the impact of eco-friendly considerations on the budget of a construction project 
  2. Documenting the evolution of construction bridges from the end of the 18th century to the modern era
  3. An analysis of modular construction in the context of sustainability and cost-effectiveness 
  4. Identifying location as the main problem for the future of the construction industry
  5. Evaluating the sustainability of the solar houses of the previous decade 
  6. Understanding the engineering philosophy behind modern solar cooling technology 
  7. Studying the increasing trend of using photovoltaic, in building construction, in the markets of the United States
  8. Evaluating the overall importance of waste management in the construction industry 
  9. Determining the ethical dilemmas surrounding the safety rules within the construction network 
  10. Studying the reliability and sustainability aspects of Timber Frame construction
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  11. Determining the critical elements of the Masonry Construction and its overall sustainability 
  12. A comparative study between the timber frame construction and the masonry construction 
  13. Determining the implications of outsourcing the construction work. 
  14. Understanding the validity of the theory of constraints in the parlance of the construction industry. 
  15. Evaluating the criticality of supply chain management in commercial construction projects
  16. A chronological study of the technological evolution in the construction industry. 
  17. An in-depth analysis of the impact of the HMO Legislation.
  18. Understanding the construction techniques used in Europe in the early 1800s
  19. Determining the impact of Energy Efficiency Compliance in the modern housing construction market. 
  20. Understanding the critical risk assessment needed for the constructions of dams 
  21. Determining the importance of building safety regulations in the construction of modern housing near natural surroundings
  22. Identifying the limitations of procurement policy in relation to the construction industry. 
  23. The importance of having a regional cement production industry for the sustainability of the construction projects
  24. Determining the impact of substance abuse amongst the construction workers of South America
  25. Evaluating the precautionary elements of constructing in an earthquake-prone area 
  26. A critical study of the different types of construction contracts in the United States 
  27. A detailed evaluation of the procurement strategies which are sustainable in the long-run 
  28. An in-depth analysis of the pre-fabrication technology used in the Malaysian construction industry 
  29. Understanding the importance of Energy Performance Certificates and its overall impact on the construction projects 
  30. Investigating the full impact of e-procurement in the United Kingdom’s construction market
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  31. The evolving idea of sustainability in case of urban dwellings of the United Kingdom
  32. Analyzing the success of the solar water heating system in the Malaysian homes 
  33. Is location becoming a major hindrance to the urban construction projects of the United States?
  34. The altering importance of location-based economics in urban construction projects. 
  35. Studying the inclusion of women in the construction industry. 
  36. Analyzing the importance of gender diversity in the construction industry of the United States 
  37. Enhancing profitability in construction projects without charging higher rent
  38. The impact of labor shortage in the United Kingdom construction industry 
  39. Measures to avoid the adjudication process for construction contractors 
  40. Is modular construction enough to address the housing crisis prevalent in the United Kingdom market?
  41. A review of the best practices of energy efficiency in the construction industry in the new decade 
  42. Understanding the strategic considerations in the construction projects of railway stations 
  43. The relevance of life-cycle costing in sustainable construction projects 
  44. Understanding the relevance of Prince 2 Methodology in construction project management. 
  45. Determining the importance of RICS and their overall emphasis on the project sustainability 
  46. Understanding the limitations of Cyclic Casual Model in determining the main risks associated with a serious problem project 
  47. How much is a lean manufacturing system applicable in the case of construction projects?
  48. The importance of reassessing the ventilation systems of the old buildings in the modern renovation projects. 
  49. Understanding the implications of robotics and construction automation in modern construction projects 
  50. Analyzing the relative importance of Business Information Modeling in construction projects. 
  51. The impact of CDM laws on the overall construction-related accident statistics 

These are a few of the topics we have catered to in the recent past. At Helpwithassignment.com we have an extremely talented pool of construction dissertation writers and they can suggest you well-organized thesis topics and help you with your dissertation. 

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