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How Children Learn Mathematics

By HWA | Publish On: February 7, 2011 | Posted In:

Children perceive things around them very differently than adults around them. Children usually learn from the visual inputs i.e., through seeing things. Somehow they rely more on their photographic memory. This is particularly seen in case of mathematics.

  • We might have observed that when we teach numbers and increment one number at a time will only confuse them more. Instead, we ask them to count on their fingers. This is because of their photographic memory.
  • It is this practical sense that will help them learn math. After teaching them how to count on their fingers we can go further and teach them how to avoid fingers and start counting in their mind. This is the hard part which is easier said than done. This transition period is a little hard for children. Give them some time to coup up with the new technique. Not all children learn and perform the same way.
  • Tell them how mathematics is used in everyday life by giving them practical examples. Take them to a store and teach them math there. Give them a ruler to and show them how the numbers progress. They will definitely understand practical part of it. Tell them how fun it is with math around. Tell them that math is not a scary animal but a friendly pet.
  • After the counting, additions and subtractions are completed, now comes the hardest part yet. The Multiplication tables. Instead of asking them to by heart the tables, teach them how multiplication tables are formed. Tell them the basis for multiplication is addition and how it works. It is sure to work.
  • Follow a similar route while dealing with fractions as well. Fractions are a little more complicated than multiplications. The parents or the teachers can use their imagination while teaching mathematics to children. This small act will make them rethink their notion about mathematics.
  • Try math-games. Math-games are one of the best methods to teach friendly math to children. Teach them measurements like pound, foot, mile, etc. Talk about time as well. Of course only after they understand multiplication.

Remember that mathematics is a practical subject and look for the appropriate examples which you think will help them understand math more clearly. The key to all these things is patience and while dealing with children who are learning mathematics, patience is that you will need to see any positive result.

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