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7 Best Apps to Help You Study

By HWA | Publish On: November 21, 2018 | Posted In:

Offtime, myhomework student planner, goconqr, dragon dictation , oxford dictionary , google drive and realcalc are some of the apps to help you study.

Can you imagine our life without smartphones or tablets or laptops or without any gizmos nowadays? Forget our time when our moms used to wake us up early in the morning to get ready for the school or our parents used to checked up that all or homework was done or still remain unfinished? Remember taking notes in the class? It was so tiring and gruesome experience! When your teacher dictates the note in the speed of a bullet train and your pen and hand competing to catch that train faster with an extra speed to catch up and note down all those things that came out from your respected teacher’s mouth and just then you missed some words, looking sympathetically to your friend’s copy and can’t figure out a single scribble from his writing, you must feel like an abandoned hopeless child in the middle of a desert where you tried to find some mirage! That feeling at that moment was typically horrible, but today’s gen x and y keep everything sorted. They don’t have to feel the way you had been felt a decade earlier.

apps to help you study

From an early morning wake up call to check our homework done or not to note down all the dictation, lectures, missed notes everything is covered in app-way! Children now days use smartphones or gadgets from the day they stated to crawl. The whole learning and living procedure is evolving. It is really hard to imagine a student without smartphone or social network or without the internet? Over the past 5 to 10 years everything is changed dramatically. Thanks to modern applications and digital device, learning or teaching has become more like a game than a routine process; it becomes much smart and attractive!

In today’s fast world, while everything depends on technology, from starting our day to ending everything needs to get organized, and students now days are more tech freak than everybody. Moreover when a student miss a class, he don’t need run amok to his friend’s house for that particular day’s missed lectures or notes. He will simply call his friend and ask them to share the note via social networking site or simply whatsApp it. So there are several apps which help a student to study better and become more organized. Mobile technology and virtual reality have changed the principles of learning, providing more opportunities for obtaining knowledge and creating new opportunities for visual learning.

7 Best Apps for Students for Studying Efficiently


Learning in app-way on your smartphone is only possible and worthwhile if you can keep yourself stick to the learning app or avoid the distraction from other app. (offtime) is the best app to help you stay focused. It is used to block the whitelist apps on your smartphone from opening. Once you activate the app you won’t be able to open any blocked app, if you try to open it, it will automatically get closed. You can set the time limit for your own to the activation of this app. You can check the usage of visiting time of other apps; you even can create different profiles for each purpose that you like to use the app. It is only available for android and ios phone at that very moment.

Myhomework student planner

This is the best digital planning apps that one can use for. With the help of this app one can store their homework and class schedule, projects, study, lab test all in a single place. You can add the name of your classes so you don’t have to type them repeatedly.  You can set due date for your assignments which can help you to prevent the missed the date. You can set priority from high to low. Student can also attach files and set reminders. It is the most useful app one student can ask for.  It works in android and ios phones.


Learning alone can be very boring and you can’t easily learn everything in the classroom, so in the way of learning if you can collaborate with your friends or people across the global the process of learning can be very attractive and interesting. Goconqr is that type of app.  After the initial set up you have to choose your subject, stream and can use the different tools of learning from this app. You can join with other groups and connect with people in quizzes, flash cards, slides and mind maps etc. It works in android and ios phones.

Dragon dictation

This app mainly works for ios phone. If anyone wants to type fast and catch up all the lectures dictates in the classroom, this is the best app for this purpose. It uses software for speech recognition so that one can dictate and immediately see the well-read text on the screen and one can easily send the text in email or as text message or share it in social networking sites o you can save it later.

Oxford dictionary 

This app works in android and ios phone. A student’s life is incomplete without any dictionary app on his smartphone. The mobile version of oxford dictionary press is oxford dictionary app. It can help you to learn about the unfamiliar english words but if you want to use the premium version of this app you have to pay for it.

Google drive

The first name comes into mind when mentioning about best cloud storage app id google drive. It can works for both android and ios phone. In addition to uploading the files to cloud storage you can also work on it and create something and edit it. You can scan images and upload them. This is already linked with your google account, it is easily accessible.


The best scientific calculator app that doesn’t take much space on your smartphone is this app. In addition to basic calculator application it is also offers features like trigonometric functions, permutation combination sand many more. Though the realcalc is a free app but if you want to customize it the realcalc app is a payable one. It works in android phone.

Though smartphone can never take place of books but these apps are surely make education and the learning process shape up a smart way.

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