5 Common Mistakes Every Student Makes In College

5 Common Mistakes Every Student Makes In College


Every year lots of students take admission in colleges. Many will make basic mistakes which affect their college life. So here are some common mistakes which every student should avoid.
1.Cutting classes
Most of the students think that they can skip some lectures and still perform well. Skipping classes will leave gaps in understanding the subject, which makes it hard to study while exams.
2.Over use of media
Many college students spend hours and hours on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and complain that they don’t have enough time for studying. Over use of media will make hard to focus on academics.
Procrastination is a common challenge for college students. They think that they can manage time and don’t study till the exam time. This will make students less productive.
4.Going it alone
Many students shy away from going to see their professor or teaching assistant. As a result, they end up blowing a test or paper when a few minutes with the instructor could have easily cleared up the problem.
5.Having no internship or part time job related to studies
Internship is the best way to build career. Internship will make the students confident and make them have better understanding of their course. So, students who don’t have internship will face difficulties in achieving good career.
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