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Don’t be tricked out with the entries in the asset and liabilities sides of your balance sheet problem as we at HelpWithAssignment already have at our disposal a team of accounting experts who can not only help you get your balance sheet correct but also at the same time will help you understand the concepts of Balance Sheet. Our team of balance sheet assignment experts and accounting statement assignment experts are either PhD holders or working professionals involved actively in account audit or annual statement construction and evaluation of firms. We have over a decade of experience in successfully dealing with balance sheet assignment problems and accounting statements (including trial balance, profit & loss, cash flow statement) assignment and our pool of balance sheet assignment experts are all equipped with the necessary prowess to help you solve your balance sheet accounting problem. Over the last 10 years we have helped over 8,000 students all over the world with their balance sheet assignment solutions and got excellent feedback from their respective professors. So if you are still wondering about what item to put in the asset side and what on the liabilities, worry no more and contact us today!

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  • Income Statements







Less: Cost Of Goods Sold



Selling & Distribution



Operating Profit



Add/Less: Non Operating Items(E.g Profit or loss on sale of Fixed asset, Investment, Interest, dividend



Earning Before Interest & Taxes(EBIT)



Less: Interest Expenses on loan & Debentures



Profit before Taxes(PBT)



Less: Provision For Taxes



Profit After Tax(PAT)



Less: Preference Dividend (Including CDT)



Profit available For Equity Shareholders(PAFESH)



Less: Equity Dividend(including CDT)



Transfer to Reserve




  • Statement of Cash Flows

A cash flow statement is a statement which discloses the changes in position between the periods. It is a important planning tool in the hands of management. It helps the management in formulating plans for immediate future needs. The term cash comprises of cash in hand, demand deposit with the banks and includes cash equivalents.




A. Cash flow From Operating activities

Net profit Before Tax and extra ordinary items

Adjustment for:


Intangible and fictitious Assets written off

Interest expenses

Investment Income

Foreign Exchange Loss

Operating Capital before working capital changes

Adjustment for:

Sundry Debtors

Sundry Creditors


Outstanding And Accruals

Cash Generated from Operation

Less: Taxes paid

Cash Flow Before Extra Ordinary Items

Extra ordinary Items

Net Cash From operating Activities

B. Cash Flow From Investing Activities

Purchase or sale of Fixed Assets

Purchase or Sale of investments

Interest and Dividend Received

Net Cash from Investing Activities

C. Cash Flow From Financing Activities

Issue of Capital & its Redemption

Borrowing & its Repayments

Interest & Dividend paid

Net Cash From Financing activities

Net Increase in cash & cash Equivalents(A+B+C)

Cash and Cash Equivalents as at(Opening Balance)

Cash and Cash Equivalents as at(Closing  Balance)







Construction of Balance Sheets Assignment Help

What to Expect from Balance Sheet Accounting Assignment Help?

Balance sheet accounting assignment help caters to the areas you need help with, rather than just doing the accounting assignment on your behalf. With an extensive experience of helping several thousand students, with their balance sheet homework, across globe the expertise of our accounting experts spans domains like trial balance, balance sheets and other accounting assignment problems.

The perfect solution: Balance sheet problems often deal with the correct answer and our accounting experts boasts the ability of providing you with the same. Flawless and accurate answers are what you will get here and our team of balance sheet accounting experts will make sure that you get that all desired A-grades in all your accounting answers.

Free of Plagiarism: We use advanced plagiarism detecting software to evaluate the originality of the accounting statement solution answers before submitting to you. You can be assured of the fact that, no one, is or ever will, or had before, submitted the copy which you are going to submit.

Timely Delivery: If you set a deadline to us, you can be rest assured that your balance sheet homework answers will reach your mail box, well before.

Affordability: Our accounting experts online are affordable and very much open to provide you customized solution catering to your specific needs and requirements.

Backgrounds of Our Online Balance Sheet Solutions experts:

  • Currently working as one of the senior accountants at a reputed accounting firm in New York, our head accounting expert is equipped with a PhD in Cost Benefit Analysis and had been associated with PwC in the past.
  • Having been a guest lecturer at London School of Economics and Political Science, she is involved as an auditor of corporate accounts. Her expertise in the field has enabled hundreds of students to complete their balance sheet and other accounting statement assignments.
  • As an annual statement and financial health analysts our balance sheet assignment expert owns an analyst firm in Florida. His knowledge about balance sheet and other accounting statements have helped many students achieve top grades in their individual assignments.

What Our Accounting Homework Help Customers Have to Say?

“I hugely owe to HwA for clearing my concepts as far as accounting entries are concerned. Previously I was not sure in which side of the balance sheet I need to put things like “labour overhead”, “capital investment”, etc. But now, thanks to HwA, everything is crystal clear. Scott Mitchell, July 2016

“My balance sheet never tallied before I approached HwA for help. I always used to mess things up. My ideas regarding the items to be entered where shady and I needed serious help. The balance sheet experts of HwA were of a great help and now I have gained much confidence in the subject”. -Julie Lee, Sep 2016

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Construction of Balance Sheets Assignment Help

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