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Operations Management

Operations management is the field of management that focuses on designing, planning, controlling, and optimizing the processes and systems used to produce goods and services. It involves managing the resources, both human and material, that are involved in the production of goods and services, with the goal of achieving efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

Operations management is a critical function for any organization that produces goods or services. It encompasses a range of activities, including forecasting demand, designing production systems, scheduling production runs, managing inventory, quality control, and supply chain management.

The primary objectives of operations management are to increase efficiency, improve quality, and reduce costs. To achieve these objectives, operations managers use a range of tools and techniques, such as process mapping, lean production, Six Sigma, and total quality management.

Operations management is important because it directly affects an organization’s ability to compete in the marketplace. By improving efficiency and quality, operations managers can help an organization to produce goods and services more cost-effectively, which can improve profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

Overall, operations management is a critical function in any organization that produces goods or services. It involves managing the processes and systems used to produce goods and services, with the goal of achieving efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

Operation Management Assignment Help Australia

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What is Operations Management?

Operations management is an area of management which is concerned with designing and controlling the process of production and designing business operation in the production of goods or services. Its responsibility is to ensure that business operations are effective in terms of customer requirements using few resources. Operations management is mainly concerned with managing the process of converting inputs like raw materials, labor and energy into outputs like goods or services.

Significance of Operations Management:

In order to produce a good quality Operations management assignment, students need to understand the significance of operations management.

  • Operations management of a firm is related to supervision of its technical and physical functions.
  • Operations management revolves around manufacturing, quality control and development processes.
  • Principles of operations management include manufacturing, factory management, equipment maintenance, trade supervision, process analysis, cost control programs, process analysis etc.
  • Without skilled workers, creativity, technological awareness and rationality, operations management is incomplete.

Though the technological inventions and division of labor increased the productivity, the problem of systematic measurement of performance and the calculation has been remained unexplored. In such conditions, Frederick Taylor focused on these areas and in 1911 he published his “The Principles of Scientific Management”, in which he characterized Scientific management as:

  1. The development of a true science: To develop a science for each element of a man’s work, which replaces the old rule-of-thumb method.
  2. The scientific selection of the worker: Scientifically selecting workman, whereas in the past workman chose his own work and trained himself as best he could.
  3. The scientific education and development of the worker: Scientifically train, teach, and develop the skills of the workman.
  4. Intimate friendly cooperation between the management and the workers: Cooperating heartily with the men to ensure that all of the work being done in accordance with the principles of the developed science.

Production systems

Productions systems comprises of both organizational approach and technological elements. An effective production system can be accomplished by using adequate techniques, tools and machinery blended with distribution of labor and information. Production systems are sub-categorized into Continuous and Discrete Production process.

Operations management Metrics

The operations strategy of an organization involves in policy for the effective use of productive resources with an objective to develop sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. Operations management metrics is classified into Efficiency and Effectiveness Metrics.

Efficiency metrics deal with Productivity, OEE (Overall equipment), ABC analysis and Throughput.

Effectiveness metrics deal with Price, quality, time, flexibility, stock availability and ecological soundness.

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