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Writing an effective CDR or Competency Demonstration Report for Australian Immigration is very important for telecommunication engineers who wish to apply for migration skill assessment with Engineers Australia. The telecom industry is the most developing industry which enables smooth communication between people. With the globalization, it is practically impossible for countries to operate without transmitting or receiving data from the cloud, and this is the basic area of function for the telecommunications engineers. 

Because of the high competency in this field, the Engineers Australia permits only skilled people to join the Australian telecommunication industry. An effective and function CDR writing is essential in proving to the Engineers Australia a positive impression about your engineering and overall skills and competency and improve your chances of being granted a migration permit. 

Every year thousands of engineer plan to apply for migrations Australia. But many applications get rejected as they don’t fulfill the requirement. For Engineers it is of primary importance to know that for which category they would like to assess their engineering qualification from Engineers Australia. 

This is the reason, why an aspiring telecommunication engineer cannot afford to deal with CDR writing casually. The CDR Reports Samples for Telecommunication Engineers Australia as well as cheap CDR Writing Help professionals at HelpWithAssignment can help guide you and write an effective and impressive CDR enabling you to make a good first impression on the Engineers Australia. 

What are the Documents Required in CDR?

The complete application package for assessing your engineering qualification through CDR pathway includes the following documents: 

  • Duly completed Application Form (Available online at Engineers Australia)
  • Certified copies of Academic Transcripts/ Documents
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD, includes list of Trainings)
  • Updated Resume
  • Three Career Episodes (which includes Three Projects)
  • One Summary Statement (for Three Career Episodes)
  • English Competency Test Results, including; IELTS, Cambridge, TOFEL, PTE 

Fundamentals of Writing CDR

The fundamentals of writing a professional CDR include:

  • You must have clear understanding of report purpose
  • You need to provide all necessary information for the reader as mentioned in the EA guidelines
  • Write in language and style that is approved by Australian Standards

Principles for Writing Career Episode

For CDR application, you need to write Three Career Episodes (CEs), One Summary Statement, and One CPD. You need to know some basic principles for writing write Career Episodes (CE):

Purpose of the Career Episodes (CE):

The purpose of these episodes is to clearly state your skills and experience to prove that you have performed the role of a Professional Engineer (PE), Engineering Associate (EA) or Engineering Technologist (ET). Career Episode basically elaborates your role in an occupation that you’ve selected to get nominated for Australian Skilled Migration. You must write this report in correct Australian English language by following the parameters or standards as described by the Engineers Australia.

Statement of Your Competencies:

To prove your competencies, you need to write your past work experience in relevant field. Competencies are mentioned Appendices of the Engineers Australia Migration Skills Handbook, so check out which skill set is required for your occupation.

Common Mistakes students make while writing their CDR:

  1. Try to avoid any extra details which are not required by Engineers Australia.
  2. You don’t need to include what your previous employer or team has done but focus on your role. No need to mention the history of your company.
  3. Avoid writing about market size and position of your company.
  4. Don’t give unsubstantial proof of your knowledge or skills.
  5. Provide details required by Engineer Australia

Instead of involving in unnecessary details only provide information that is required by Engineers Australia, including;

  • Information about your role in projects
  • Proof of your skills based on results
  • Details related to the competencies

You must analyze each paragraph by keeping in mind that it provides necessary information to the assessors and help them to judge your capability to qualify for Skilled Migration.

Write your report in Australian English. The Engineers Australian “dialect” for writing career episode reports is a prescriptive writing style. It has the following characteristics:

  • Writing style is personal with “I” as a must word.
  • Write in active voice. Like I planned, I calculated, I measured, I obtained feedback, I researched
  • Must be clear and simple
  • Avoid unsubstantial claims. Write on facts and details.
  • Only include engineering competencies and experience.
  • Don’t provide excessive calculations or heavy pictures

For Engineers it is of primary importance to know that for which category they would like to assess their engineering qualification from Engineers Australia.

CDR Writing for Telecommunication Engineers Australia

Selection of Engineering Category

Many engineers find it difficult to define in which engineering category they fall. So the criterion is as follows:

  • Engineering Manager
  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate

Selection of ANZSCO Code

Selection of right ANZSCO Code is the key step in assessing your Engineering Qualification through Engineers Australia. All the engineering categories and disciplines are separately coded and the description of the required duties for each ANZSCO Code is also described in the document. ANZSCO Code can be easily checked from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website.

Preparing Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Once you have decided your category, the next important thing to consider is the preparation of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Mostly people don’t know necessary requirements for preparing CDR. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) have following components;

  • Career Episodes (Three)
  • Summary Statement (One)
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD)
  • Professional Resume

Career Episodes (CEs) are based on your projects that you have completed during Engineering qualification or on the job. Each career episode is sub-divided into four sections;

Introduction: 50 words

  • Dates and duration of the project or appointment you are writing about
  • Name of employing organization and location of worksite
  • Title of the position you occupied

Background: 200 – 500 words

  • Nature and objectives of the overall engineering project
  • Nature of your particular work area
  • An organization chart highlighting your position

Personal Engineering Activity: 500 – 1000 words

  • Detailed description of the work you performed personally
  • Technical details of the work
  • How you applied your engineering knowledge and skills
  • The tasks delegated to you and how you went about accomplishing them
  • Any particular engineering problems you encountered and how you solved them
  • Strategies you devised, including any original or creative design work
  • How you worked with other team members

Summary Statement (SS): 50 – 100 words

  • Your view of the overall project (brief summary)
  • How well the project succeeded in meeting its goals and requirements
  • How your personal role contributed to the project

Summary Statement (SS) is the most difficult component of CDR and only one Summary Statement is required for three career episodes. Summary statement have three main sections; Knowledge and Skill Base, Engineering Application Ability, and Professional & Personal Attributes.

In each Summary Statement, demonstration of following parameters (Paragraph Codes from Career Episodes only) related to the knowledge, skill base, engineering application ability, professional and personal attributes are required;

Knowledge and Skill base

  • Systematic, theory-based understanding of the underpinning natural and physical sciences and the engineering fundamentals
  • Conceptual understanding of the mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics and computer and information sciences
  • In-depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge
  • Discernment of knowledge development
  • Knowledge of contextual factors
  • Understanding of the scope, principles, norms, accountability and bounds of contemporary engineering practice

Engineering Application Ability

  • Application of established engineering methods to broadly-defined problem-solving
  • Application of engineering techniques, tools, and resources
  • Application of systematic synthesis and design processes
  • Application of systematic approaches to the conduct and management of projects

Professional and Personal Attributes

  • Ethical conduct and professional accountability
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Creative, innovative and proactive demeanour
  • Professional use and management of information
  • Orderly management of self, and professional conduct
  • Effective team membership and team leadership

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Presentation

CPD is basically a list including all professional training courses you have done since you engineering undergraduate course. For presenting this information you can simply create a three column table including activity, date and hours.

Required IELTS Score

You need to get good score in your IELTS exam. You must score 6 or more in each category to assess your engineering qualification through Engineers Australia. However to get 10 points for immigration you need to get 7 in each module (reading, writing, listening, speaking) of IELTS.

Professional Engineer Accreditation

As you continue to work in Australia you will be assessed for your knowledge, skills and other factors. Based on you Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) you can obtain accreditation as a Professional Engineer.

Recognition of Qualification

Engineering qualifications from most of the developing countries are not recognized Engineers Australia, because they are not members of Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, or Dublin Accord. You need to check you recognition with Washington Accord that whether your qualification is acceptable in Australia or not.

In order to qualify you need to write Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) based on your university Project, Summer projects, etc. However you must note in theory possibility for accreditation without work experience is there while in practical that will be really difficult.

The bottom line is while writing career episode you must question yourself that whether your writing is going to benefit assessors to judge your abilities. Just focus on above points and you will be able to write productive career episode.

At, we are dedicated to helping telecommunication engineers to prepare impressive and winning Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR). Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the most critical step for getting Australian Skilled Migration and we don’t recommend you to take any risk. 

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CDR Writing For Telecommunication Engineers Australia

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