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Article Critique Assignment help

Article critique is an integral part of under graduate or post graduate courses in most colleges and universities. The articles for which article critique or review need to be written are related to the subject of the student. And they require an in-depth understanding of the article.

Article critiques are more or less related to book reviews in the sense that one has to understand the author’s perspective, purpose and the contention behind the work. As mentioned, earlier, it requires, one to study the article in depth. The main purpose of writing an article critique or article review is to present what the article has to offer in terms of the subject matter. In other words, an article critique or article review is more or less writing a summary for the article, a summary that is about 700 to 1000 words.

Sometimes, writing an article critique might become very difficult and it can give nightmares to the student because of the fact that score from article critiques could be added to the final score. This thought can create more problems.

At HWA, we have a dedicated team of tutors who can offer article review or article critique assignment help to college and university students. For this purpose, our tutors thoroughly study the article and help you in writing a good article critique by providing good perspectives about the article and the author’s intention. An article critique also needs to be very precise and concise in giving out views about the article. And our tutors help you in writing such views for the article critique.

Speaking about our tutors, they are highly qualified people from some of the top-notch universities and business schools across the US and the UK and are also highly placed professionals, who have an innate interest for teaching. With their years of experience in their respective fields and experience in writing, they can be an ideal help in preparing an article critique.

Our tutors make the review strong by following some practices which include

  • Discussing about the author’s primary arguments.
  • Evaluate the strong points and weak points in the article, if any.
  • And how the article can represent the changes in perspective.

These are some of the points that are highlighted by our tutors while providing article review or article critique help to our students.

At HWA, we are also very much concerned about the originality of the work that we provide. We are 100% against plagiarism and we do not tolerate it. We absolutely know how the academic world looks at plagiarism and hence we avoid it 100% by referencing each and every sentence that we write.  Our works return 0% plagiarism in plagiarism softwares like Turnitin.

Other than these services, we also have Solution Library, a repository of solutions for reference, spanning different subjects and questions covering numerous topics. These solutions can be obtained for a very low price.

The price at which we provide our services is also worth mentioning. At HWA, we believe that every student deserves academic services of highest quality and we have priced our services considering an average student’s financial situation. Hence, our services are very much affordable and available for most students.


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