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Report On Sustainability With Wind Energy

QuestionProduce an individual report showing the actual or potential application of sustainable technologies within a selected area.  The report should focus on a problem preferably within your own industry and then investigate in detail a technology developed to minimise or eliminate this prob ... Read More

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Report On The Analysis Of Internationalization Of Company

QuestionYou are expected to write an analytical report on the internationalization of a company of your choice. Reports incorporating data drawn from secondary sources are advised. The key requirement of this report is that it contains analytical content. You must prepare a written analysis on the i ... Read More

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Write Case Study On Social Marketing

QuestionCASE STUDY: Investigating a Social Marketing IssueConsider the needs of your community and the world around you through the eyes of a social marketer. To this end, choose a social, environmental or health issue (e.g. recycling, exercise, healthy eating, poverty, etc.) to investigate. You wil ... Read More

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Report On Sustainable Cosmetics Or Food Stores

QuestionWrite a report within the context of the sustainable cosmetics OR food sectors covering the following points:Evaluate how any one provider of sustainable cosmetics or food is dealing with the challenges presented by the sustainability agenda. Assess the extent to which the chosen provider is ... Read More

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Report On Introducing Ipoh Oldtown White Coffee In Korean Market

QuestionWe are going to introduce “Ipoh OldTown White Coffee” to the Korea market.Guidelines·    Backgrounds or history of Oldtown White Coffee·    Reasons why choosing Korea as a targeted market·    Business environment i ... Read More

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Identify The Environmental Factors That Influence Advertisement With Example

QuestionIdentify any television advertisements about the following points1. Introduction of the Product2. Discuss the environmental factors that seem to influence the advertisement. (micro/macro)3. Discuss why the company chose to make an advertisement based on these factors Summary The question b ... Read More

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Case Study Analysis: Product Team Cialis: Getting Ready To Market

QuestionCase Study: Product Team Cialis: Getting Ready To Market by Elie Ofek, Harvard Business School, Case No. 9-505-038.Answer the following questions from the case study.·    Analyze one or two main issues or problems you see in the case.·    Explain h ... Read More

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Sterling Bay Town Tourism Development Plan

QuestionSterling Bay is a small settlement of 5000 people located on the tip of a peninsular. Being situated by the sea and at an area with particularly abundant marine life, the economy of the town has always revolved around fishing and other businesses that support this industry. Physical Geograph ... Read More

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Critically Analyze The Success Factors Of A Retailer

QuestionPick a well-established consumer goods retailer in Singapore and critically analyze the factors contributing to its successful strategy. Retailers can be accepted for home-grown in Singapore and from other countries operating in Singapore.Summary Singapore is one of the most rapidly develop ... Read More

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Discuss The Development Of Marketing Communication Plan For A Fast Food Company

QuestionYou are the Marketing Communication Manager for a local chain of fast food restaurants, McWendy’s and a range of new products will be launched soon. Your Managing Director has tasked you to come up with a marketing communication plan that recommends how the company can use various comm ... Read More

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Report On Current Strategies In Bakery Franchising Industry

QuestionPrepare a report that describes the current strategies of an enterprise in the world market and give an assessment of the relevance of those strategies, given the present and likely future developments in the bakery franchising industry.SummaryThe question belongs to Marketing and it discuss ... Read More

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Prepare Powerpoint Presentation About Positioning Of A Retail Business

QuestionMake a 15 minute Powerpoint presentation discussing the positioning of a retail business and describe the reasoning behind it.SummaryThe question belongs to Marketing and it discusses about preparing a Powerpoint presentation about the positioning of a retail business.Total Word Count NA ... Read More

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