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Discuss About Everyday Pricing Strategies Between Walmart And Publix

Question Walmart recently had a full page advertisement in the Miami Herald headlined "see for yourself Miami, same items 15% less! It shows 20 items at Publix and compares these items with the prices at Walmart. They are 15% cheaper than Publix. At the bottom of the advert it says "More Reaso ... Read More

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Make A Prediction 10 Years Into The Future About Physical Bookstores

Question Borders book store closed down a few years ago and Barnes and Noble is closing many of their outlets even in South Florida. Is there a future for the bricks and mortar bookstore? Will consumers be forced to buy books online in the future? Predict the book distribution structure in 10 years ... Read More

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Write A Report On Counteracting The Competition In Retail Space By Lidl And Aldi In Ireland

Question Many of the large and dominant supermarket groups in Ireland are currently experiencing significant competition from Lidl and Aldi. Their dominant market share has been progressively eroded over the years. The combined growth of Lidl and Aldi is forcing the major supermarkets to compete ag ... Read More

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Write An Essay On Social Networking And Its Positives And Negatives On The Society

Question Social Networking has been around long enough to consider the positives and negatives that it provides to society. Use recent events to discuss cases from the last 2 years.   Summary The question belongs to Marketing and it discusses about writing an essay about social networking a ... Read More

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What Are The Key Elements Of Buying Products Through Customer Service Or Direct Services

Question It is critical to make the best of every interaction with the customer. Analyze the key elements of buying products through customer service or direct services from your company. Create a blueprint (diagram) detailing the service delivery process involving the frontline employee–cust ... Read More

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Prepare A Marketing Plan Imagining Yourself Being A Mortgage Broker

Question Assume you are now a mortgage broker and you are either working as an independent contractor, or are self-employed or about to open a franchise. Prepare a basic marketing plan outline for yourself for the next 12 months, incorporating the following activities. Developing professional rela ... Read More

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Discuss About Purchasing Cycle And Its Basic Steps In Detail

Question The Purchasing Cycle, illustrates four basic steps: origination and notification of need; finding a source or supplier; issue of purchase order and follow up; and completion – receipt payment for the subject matter of the cycle. Using these steps as a framework, describe in detail th ... Read More

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Discuss About Supplier Selection For An Organization And The Process In Detail

Question Supplier Selection: Choose a product that you wish to purchase (for the purpose of this exercise let us assume that this particular product is not available in Ireland). Set out the various criteria on which the supplier may be chosen.   Design and introduce a scorecard to assess ... Read More

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Discuss About The CRM Strategies Of Catch Of The Day

Question CATCH OF THE DAY was established in 2006 with 5 employees and has now expanded to a staff of over 600 and is Australia’s number one ecommerce group. Visit the CATCH OF THE DAY website (, other relevant websites, as well as referencing texts, relevant ... Read More

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Write A Essay On Brands Involving Customer Participation And Constantly Keep Up With Changing Needs

Question A brand must use consumer participation to shape the fundamentals of what it offers people, and constantly keep up with changing needs. Brand and consumer must be on the same side and sometimes they are not. Services marketing is no longer about marketing to customers, it’s about eng ... Read More

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Write A Report On The Role Of Internet In Fashion Industry

Question Examples of industries: electrical appliance, pharmaceutical, market research, fashion, music, movie, books/ publications, supermarket, education provider, travel, non-for profit, finance/bank, online dating, social networking sites, online gaming, auction etc. Critically analyse the role ... Read More

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Write An Essay About A New Wearable Device And How To Market It To A Group Of Consumers

Question View the TED talk at the link provided below. In it, an MIT grad student, Pranav Mistry, demos a wearable device that enables a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." Come up with an ide ... Read More

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