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Calculation Of Depreciation Of Machinery

Question Snappy Supply Inc. has purchased several expensive machines for the express purpose of manufacturing nano-chip products. Snappy Supply is a January 1 to December 31 calendar year company so please keep this in mind as you proceed through this problem.1]    Equipment #1: Purc ... Read More

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Calculation of Free Cash Flow From Balance Sheet And Income Statements

QuestionUse the financial statements for Widget Corp and find the FCF. Balance Sheets Widget Corp. (In Millions of Dollars) (Winter 2013) Assets 2013 2012 Liabilities and Equity 2013 2012 Cash $100 $80 Accounts Payable $50 $40 ... Read More

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Calculation of Marginal Cost of Debt For Raising Bonds

QuestionSeven years ago ABC Inc. issued a series of $1,000 bonds (i.e. Par = $1,000) @ 10% compounded semiannually for a term of 30 years.  Additionally, the bonds are callable with a call premium of two coupon payments.  Today, the market rate is 10% and each single bond is trading for $8 ... Read More

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Calculation of Coefficient Of Variation With Returns On Financial Asset

QuestionConsidering Stand Alone Risk and the calculation of the Coefficient of Variation (CV), you are to develop a series of at least five historical returns for a financial asset and from these returns you are to calculate the CV for this financial asset.SummaryThe question belongs to Finance and ... Read More

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Calculation Of NPV, IRR And Discount Rate For A New Project

QuestionYou are considering making an investment in a project.  The initial cost (I0) equals $1,200.  In return for this initial outlay, you will own the rights to three future cash flows: CF1 = $300, CF2 = $400, and CF3 = $500.  First, if the appropriate discount rate for this invest ... Read More

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Change In Exchange Rates and Influence on Multinational Corporations

QuestionVirtually every operation of the MNC can be influenced by changes in exchange rates. Identify and describe at least four of the corporate finance functions (from our readings) for which exchange rate forecasts could be necessary. Your essay should be approximately 600 words. Summar ... Read More

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Harvard Case Study 9-913-530: Winfield Refuse Management

QuestionCase Study: Harvard Business School Brief CaseCase No: 9-913-530, October 22, 2012.Winfield Refuse Management, Inc.: Raising Debt vs. EquityBy W. Carl Kester and Sunru YongPlease consider future financial flexibility, risk, earnings and profits, ownership dilution issue, etc. when choosing b ... Read More

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Prepare Income, Cash Flow Statements and Balance Sheet From The Data

QuestionPrepare Financial Statements from available trial balance and additional information. Note: Please find the data in the Excel sheets attached.SummaryThe question belongs to Finance and it is about preparing Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements from the given information. ... Read More

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Risk Management Insurance Solutions For A Person Living In High Risk Area

QuestionMichael is a college senior who is majoring in marketing. He owns a high-mileage 2003 Ford that has a current market value of $2500. The current replacement value of his clothes, television, stereo, cell phone, and other personal property in a rented apartment totals $10,000. He uses disposa ... Read More

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Situations Where Insurance Can or Cannot Be Applied

QuestionThere are numerous definitions of insurance. Based on the definition of insurance stated in the text, indicate whether each of the following guarantees is considered insurance.a. A new television is guaranteed by the manufacturer against defects for 90 days.b. A new set of radial tires is gu ... Read More

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Risk Management and Insurance Application for a Bus Company

QuestionCity Bus Corporation provides school bus transportation to public schools in Lancaster County. City Bus owns 50 buses that are garaged in three different cities within the county. The firm faces competition from two larger bus companies that operate in the same area. Public school boards gen ... Read More

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Risk Assessment For a Railroad Company

QuestionGreat West States (GWS) is a railroad company operating in the Western United States. Juanita Salazar is risk manager of GWS. At the direction of the company's chief executive officer, she is searching for ways to handle the company's risks in a more economical way. The CEO stressed that Jua ... Read More

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