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Write A Review On Company’s Crew Performance

Question Ed Koehler started Great Southern Furniture five years ago to assemble prefabricated bedroom furniture for large hotel chains. Hotels purchase furniture (beds, night stands, and chests of drawers) from manufacturers who ship the furniture to the hotels unassembled. Koehler sends a site sup ... Read More

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Prepare Report On Project Performance

Question   Software Associates (SA) is a computer software consulting firm that specializes in designing and implementing integrated marketing database warehousing programs. Humphrey Catalog is a client. In preparing its bid for Humphrey, SA estimates its total labor cost for this project to ... Read More

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Calculate Cost Variance And Fixed Overhead Variance Analysis

Question Met Towels plc. produces and sells standard bath towels. The company uses a standard costing system; the standards in use for the latest month of production (January 2005) are as follows: Direct Material Usage 1.5 m2 of material per towel Direct Material Cost &p ... Read More

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Calculate Estimated Selling Price And Minimum Transfer Price

Question Hamid Jones is a regional manager of Solar Sparks Corporation, an alternative energy firm developing, manufacturing, and exploiting photovoltaic technologies. Hamid is in charge of the European unit of Solar Sparks. His unit’s sole activity is to manufacture and sell Wafers. The unit ... Read More

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Review Of Annual Report Of Rakon Ltd For The Year 2011

Question Analyze the 2011 annual report of Rakon Ltd and answer the following questions. You can obtain the annual report here. 1. Briefly describe the main operations (activities) of the Rakon Ltd and Subsidiaries group of companies? 2. According to accounting theory, for who is the annual repor ... Read More

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Write A Report Suggesting About Target Costing And Unit Cost Ranges

Question A UK-based company that has decided to produce and sell watches has used a traditional costing system based on the number of units produced for charging overheads to its products. The company, SFT Limited, has decided to-iise targeLcostiog as a new management tool. The market in which the ... Read More

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Prepare A Reconciliation Statement With Budgeted Profit And Actual Profit

Question Alphasport Pic is a company which manufactures a range of sports products, including footballs designed for children. These football products require bladders, leather, packaging materials, and labour as direct inputs to the production of the product. Alphasport’s budget for the mont ... Read More

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Estimating Direct Labor Hours And Cost Plus Margin

Question A company which makes sophisticated financial calculators has designed a new casing for its product which requires a different finish to the previous casing because the material type is a recently developed synthetic material and much stronger and more scratch-resistant than the previous p ... Read More

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Explain The Merits Of Cost Of Quality Report And Zero Defects Policy

Question In the context of a modem engineering manufacturer, explain what you consider to be the merits of the following: (i) a cost of quality report, (ii) a zero-defects policy, and (iii) the difference between pull and push manufacturing systems.   Summary The question belongs to Account ... Read More

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Prepare Journal Entries Ledger Accounts And Trial Balance

Question On June 1 2011 Sam Near created a new travel agency called Tours-For-Less. These activities occurred during the company's first month: June1 Near created the new company by investing $40,000 cash, $5,000 of furniture, and computer equipment worth $60,000. 2 The company rented furnished o ... Read More

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How To Account Sale In Consolidated Worksheet

Question Jones Inc. owned all of the voting common stock of both Ritter Co. and Lawler Co. During 2011, Ritter sold inventory to Lawler. The goods had cost Ritter $65,000, and they were sold to Lawler for $100,000. At the end of 2011, Lawler still held 30% of the inventory. Required: How should t ... Read More

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Prepare A Report Based On Financial Analysis

Question Financial Investment Pty (FIP) wishes to invest long term in one or more Australian listed companies. As a financial analyst employed by the Investment department of FIP, you have been asked to assess Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, and Good Guys. Therefore your first step is to examine the thre ... Read More

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