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Use Horizontal Model To Record Effect Of Rent Collected In Advance

Question On November 1, 2013, Gordon Co. collected $37,800 in cash from its tenant as an advance rent payment on its store location. The six-month lease period ends on April 30, 2014, at which time the contract may be renewed. Required: 1. Use the horizontal model to record the effect of the six ... Read More

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Financial Statements Analysis Of YMCA New York

Question Enclosed please find the YMCA of Greater New York audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2000 and December 31, 2001 including footnotes to the financial statements. Using the financial statements and accompanying footnotes to the statements, answers all of the questio ... Read More

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Prepare Statement Of Expenditures, Fund Balances And Changes In Fund Balance

Question The City of Stromfield had, among others, the following pre-closing account balances in its General Fund as of June 30, 2004.   Debits Credits Appropriations   3,000,000 Cash 811,000   Due to Other Funds ... Read More

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Preparation Of Ledger For Given Transactions

Question Record the following transactions in the expenditure subsidiary ledger account template provided below: 1. Council approves an appropriation of $25,000 for the public works department. 2. Issuance of purchase orders of $3,000 for supplies. 3. Issuance of a purchase order of $1,500 for e ... Read More

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How To Maximize Profits With Only Marginal Increase Of Machine Utilization

Question Pete’s Premium Pistols Ltd. manufactures three different products –handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Considerable market demand exists for all models. The following per unit data apply:   Handguns Rifles Shotguns Selling price $150 ... Read More

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Calculate Breakeven Time For A New Product

Question Rochester Rockets Ltd. plans to introduce a new model of hobby rocket. After extensive discussions with engineering, manufacturing, and marketing staff, the following information has been developed: Quarter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Market re ... Read More

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Calculate The Profitability Of A Company

Question Tawatinaw Torpedoes Ltd. has assembled the following information about its customer base: Customer # Revenue $ Var. Cost $ 1 125,897 98,448 2 488,958 498,881 3 589,478 478,884 4 45,650 47,882 ... Read More

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Preparation Of Cash Flow Forecast

Question Lulu’s Lemons Ltd. sells vehicles. The company is planning its cash needs for the month of January, 2015. In the past, Lulu’s has had to borrow money during the post-Christmas season to offset a significant decline in sales. The following information has been assembled to assis ... Read More

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Calculation Of Indirect Manufacturing Costs And Support Costs

Question In the past, the Larry’s Lawnmowers Ltd. (LLL) allocated indirect manufacturing costs based on direct labour hours. Recently, management has decided to pilot a system of time-driven activity-based costing to allocate these costs. The division produces two lawnmower models: Lo-cost an ... Read More

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Increasing Productivity To Increase Profits

Question Art Conroy is the assistant controller of New City Muffler, Inc., a subsidiary of New City Automotive, which manufactures tailpipes, mufflers, and catalytic converters at several plants throughout North America. Because of pressure for lower selling prices, New City Muffler has had disappo ... Read More

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Calculation Of Opening Stock And Forward Requirement For 3 Months

Question You are one of the merchandisers working for a supermarket clothing business. You are responsible for the Accessory Division. You are required to complete fully the following planning pack for AW 2015: Departmental KPIs Category KPI plans for the Ladies Accessory department Sales phasin ... Read More

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Prepare Cash Budget And Make Recommendations Based On It

Question The board of directors of Gladiator Robotics is considering whether or not to donate to a national robotics convention for high school students interested in technology and engineering. The company needs you to prepare a monthly cash budget to determine the available cash reserves for Janu ... Read More

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