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General Biology Assignment Help

General Biology

Introduction to Biology: Biology is the fundamental study of life and living organisms including the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution. Botany and zoology are the main branches in Biology. There are few classified branches in biology which are as follows: morphology, cytology, histology, anatomy, physiology, developmental biology, biosystematics, genetics, ecology, organic evolution and paleontology.

These are the few important aspects of Biology mentioned and defined. 

  • BiomoleculesBiomolecule is a molecule produced by a living organism. As Biomolecules consists of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Proteins, nucleic acids, amino acids, DNA and RNA are some of the examples found in living organisms.
  • Proteins:  A protein is a molecule composed of about 20 polymers of amino acids joined together by peptide bonds. The type and the sequence of amino acids in proteins are specified as the cell in the DNA produces them. A protein has several functions such as enzymes, transporters, regulators of gene or as antibodies.
  • Lipids:  Lipids are fatty organic compounds that are soluble in non polar solvent, but not in polar solvent. The functions of lipids are such as, storage of energy, cell signaling and structural component of cell membrane.  Few examples of Lipids: Waxes, Oils, Sterols, Cholesterol, Fat-soluble vitamins, etc.
  • Organic compounds:  These Organic Compounds are also known as Chemical Compounds of living thing because those are associated with life processes, which are the subject matter of Organic Chemistry. Among the various numbers of organic compounds four are found to be the major categories in living things such as, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Protein and Nucleic Acids.

There are more sub branches in General Biology where HelpwithAssignment Team provides online tutoring and assignment help. Few are listed below:

  •     Cellular organization and function Assignment Help
  •     Cellular energetic Assignment Help
  •     Metabolism Assignment Help
  •     Genetics Assignment Help
  •     Heredity Assignment Help
  •     Biotechnology Assignment Help
  •     The origin and evolution of living things Assignment Help
  •     Structure and life processes Assignment Help   
  •     Medical Implications of Infection Assignment Help
  •     Ecology Assignment Help
  •     Physiology Assignment Help
  •     Biodiversity Assignment Help
  •     Applied Biology Assignment Help
  •     Principles of Biology Assignment Help
  •     Developmental Biology Assignment Help
  •     Endocrinology and Reproduction Assignment Help
  •     Marine Biology Assignment Help
  •     Cancer Biology Assignment Help 

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General Biology Assignment Help

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