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Understanding The Different Patient Care Models – Nursing Help

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There are several patient-care models as practiced by professional nurses and nursing students all across the globe. The patient-care models are pretty much applicable in nursing assignments. These patient-care models are also known as the care delivery systems or sometimes referred to as the patient care delivery models. You can find such relevant mentions in your various nursing homework.  However, no matter what you call these models, they all essentially describe the various approaches of nursing targeted at delivering different patient care. 

The underlying concept of any patient-care model is to match the method with the direct needs of the patients. So, during any nursing case study or nursing project if you are asked to choose a specific nursing care model then you first evaluate the need of the patient and consequently match the same with the care model, you prefer. 

Considering the fact that there are various nursing care models it is important that you understand them thoroughly. We at are the number #1 nursing assignment help provider and will help you with all your patient care model related homework. Check out our Nursing Assignment Help page to know about the various nursing project help we provide. In the meantime, learn about the different nursing care models. 

Types of Nursing Care Models: 

The patient care models have been divided into four major branches by the experts: 1) The Total Patient Care 2) Functional Nursing 3) Team Nursing and 4) Primary Nursing. A constant effort to improve the patient and to achieve cost-effectiveness has created many other variations of these four basic patient care models. For instance, now we have modular nursing and partnership nursing. Other types of nursing patient care models include case management nursing, patient-centered care, and telehealth nursing. As the value of the role played by the nurses started to increase in the late 20th century more and more models came into the picture. So it is important to know the four basic types of care models and what do they represent. 

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Total Patient Care Model 

It is the oldest of the various nursing care models introduced into the practice. According to this particular model, a nurse is responsible for planning, organizing, and delivering the care to the patient. This model is most applicable when the patient is admitted to some intensive care unit or the post-anesthetic care unit. This kind of care is expected from junior level nurses and also nursing students. So, if you are given any nursing case study with similar conditions you will know that a total patient care model is applicable in such situations. 

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Functional Nursing Model 

The functional nursing model is more of a team-based effort. In the case of such models, each of the nursing staff members is assigned specific tasks to conduct. Even routine and simple tasks are being assigned to various nurses in order to quicken the process of healthcare delivery. This model was evolved during World War II when there was a shortage of trained nurses. This model demands a lot of involvement from many volunteers. 

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Team Nursing Model 

This kind of nursing model was developed during the 1950s by Eleanor Lambertson at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. This model was created since the functional model received heavy criticism from the experts. In this model, a group of healthcare workers, including several nurses, focus on the delivery of acute medical interventions for patients with serious ailments or injuries. There is always a charge nurse or a team leader who assigns various tasks to each of the nurses present in the hospital environment. The team structure also differentiates between a practicing nurse and a nursing aide. The former is a medical expert having knowledge about the interventions whilst the latter is just an unskilled help who does manual labor like fetching fresh cloth and handling equipment. In the case of such a model, the patient receives cumulative help from all healthcare professionals. 

Primary Nursing Model 

This nursing model was developed in the year 1969 by the nursing practitioners and lecturers of the University of Minnesota. It is based on the understanding of the continuity of care and responsibility as accepted by a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse or even a nursing assistant. Before the introduction of this model, the patient-nurse relationship was presumed to be terminated once the patient is being released from the hospital or the medical care unit. However, this model assumes a long-lasting relationship and rapport building between the patient and the respective team of nurses. 

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